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Larimer County Ballot Question 1B Term Limits

KEY PROVISIONS:Will remove all term limits for the county offices of assessor, treasurer, clerk and recorder, sheriff and surveyor BACKGROUND:Term limits were established in Colorado in 1994. Since that time, Larimer County eliminated terms limits for coroner in 1999, and extended term limits for other offices from 2 to 3 terms in 2005. Voters defeated an effort to extend terms limits from 2 to 3 for the District Attorney in 2005. Removing terms limits for these offices in this election was proposed to the Larimer County Commissioners by three citizens, citing their support for Sheriff Justin Smith as their primary reason. There was no open public discussion prior to the referral to the ballot.BALLOT LANGUAGESHALL THE ASSESSOR, TREASURER, CLERK AND RECORDER, SHERIFF, AND SURVEYOR FOR LARIMER COUNTY BE ALLOWED, IF ELECTED BY THE REGISTERED ELECTORS OF LARIMER COUNTY, TO SERVE AN UNLIMITED NUMBER OF CONSECUTIVE TERMS?
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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• It is difficult to find qualified candidates for these elected officials every 12 years, and someone could be elected with zero experience.

• Term limits discourage candidates from viewing these positions as a career path.

• Terms limits are a good thing for those in policy positions, but elected offices with specialized skills should be treated differently.

• If the citizens are dissatisfied with how a job is done, they can remove that person through the election process.

• Term limits prevent cronyism and collusion among agencies and others in public office, especially when candidates represent a particular political ideology.

• It is not logical to change term limits based on how a current elected official is performing.

• Term limits help ensure fresh ideas and initiative. and open opportunities for increased community involvement.

• Without term limits, it is very difficult to remove an incumbent.

• Rather than group these positions together, they would be better addressed separately. logo


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