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City of Fort Collins Ballot Question 2C Amendment to City Code Medical Marijuana Businesses

KEY PROVISIONSThe City asks voters for permission to make changes to the City’s medical marijuana regulations and laws that conform to changes the State makes to its medical marijuana regulations, without first obtaining City voters’ consent to the changes.BACKGROUNDIn the November 2012 election, Fort Collins voters passed Initiative 301 allowing medical marijuana centers in Fort Collins, subject to certain regulatory conditions. The Initiative provided that any changes to City medical marijuana regulations require voter approval. The State, too, has regulations governing medical marijuana. The State can, and does, change its medical marijuana regulations from time to time. The City must keep its medical marijuana regulations in harmony with the State’s regulations, but under the current law, cannot make changes without first getting voter approval, which is expensive in terms of money and time. BALLOT LANGUAGESHALL THE PROPOSED ORDINANCE AMENDING SECTION 15-491 OF THE CODE OF THE CITY OF FORT COLLINS BE ADOPTED, SO AS TO ALLOW THE CITY COUNCIL, IF IT DESIRES, TO ADOPT AMENDMENT TO OR ADD PROVISIONS IN CHAPTER 15, ARTICLE XVI OF THE CITY CODE PERTAINING TO MEDICAL MARIJUANA BUSINESSES IN ORDER TO STAY CURRENT WITH APPLICABLE STATE LAWS, RULES AND REGULATIONS, SO LONG AS SUCH AMENDMENTS OR ADDITIONS ARE NOT CONTRARY TO AND DO NOT ELIMINATE ANY OF THE 2012 CITIZEN INITIATED PROVISIONS, EXCEPT AS PROVIDED IN SEC. 15491(b)?
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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• The proposed ordinance is needed so that City regulations can be made to conform with changes the State makes to its medical marijuana regulations.

• The proposed ordinance will save Fort Collins the time and expense of seeking voter approval to changes triggered by the State’s revisions to its medical marijuana regulations.

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