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Issue 24 - Tax Levy (Renewal) - Cincinnati City School District

Shall a levy renewing an existing levy be imposed by the Cincinnati City School District, County of Hamilton, Ohio, for the purpose of providing for the emergency requirements of the School District in the sum of $51,500,000 and a levy of taxes to be made outside of the ten-mill limitation estimated by the county auditor to average eight and forty-three hundredths (8.43) mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to eighty-four and three-tenths cents ($0.843) for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for a period of five (5) years, commencing in 2018, first due in calendar year 2019? FOR THE TAX LEVY  AGAINST THE TAX LEVYEXPLANATION: At its June 26, 2017 meeting, the Cincinnati Public Schools Board of Education passed a resolution to place this renewal levy on the November, 2017 ballot. They had determined that the renewal was necessary to continue funding the district’s requirements for an additional five years starting in 2019. This levy, 8.43 mills, is a renewal of an existing levy that was first approved by voters in March, 2008 and renewed in November, 2012. Unless it’s approved by voters again, it will expire in December, 2018.This request is an “emergency” levy, which is a property tax that serves as a limited operating levy for a maximum of five years. If approved, it will yield a specific dollar amount (stated in the ballot request), which must remain constant no matter what happens to property values in the district over the life of the levy. Thus, the millage figure could increase or decrease over time as property values fluctuate, but the number of dollars for the school district would remain at $51.5 million per year. This levy will not raise taxes if approved. The estimated annual cost to a homeowner of a $100,000 home will be $248.28, which is a slight reduction from the current annual cost of $257.12.WHAT THE LEVY WOULD DO: This renewal levy, if approved by voters, would continue to provide a significant source of operating funds (approximately 9% of the current operating budget) for the Cincinnati Public Schools. The financial requirements of Cincinnati Public Schools, a district of over 35,000 students, are many and varied. Their expenditures include salaries and benefits for all employees, the operation and maintenance of 57 schools in the district, instructional materials (books, digital equipment), and support services such as nurse services, speech pathology, transportation, etc.Since the initial passage of this levy in 2008, the district has launched several programs that enable students in Grades 6-12 to prepare for a career or college after high school. Additionally, programs have been introduced into 16 neighborhood schools to utilize different approaches to basic learning skills to benefit the students who attend those schools. The district anticipates increased enrollment as a result of these changes and has opened three new schools to meet the increased needs of a larger student population.(Voters may examine CPS’ finances by going to their website:
  • Yes - For the Tax Levy

  • No - Against the Tax Levy

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