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Term: 4 yearsPamela Poindexter-Crews (current president), Robert F. Dober, and Rosalind Moore are running for re-election to the five-member board. Other candidates for the three open seats are Pequita L. Hansberry and Connie Rosemond. Current board members whose terms are not expiring this year are Lani E. Stafford and Michael A. White (vice president).
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    Robert F. Dober Retired Professor

  • Pequita L. Hansberry

  • Rosalind Moore

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    Pamela Poindexter-Crews Teacher

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    Connie Rosemond Realtor/Property Management

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Explain why you want to serve (or continue to serve) on the Board of Education. What talents do you think you add to the board?

What are the most significant issues facing your school district and what is the most effective way to deal with them?

Rankings by the state affect how your district is perceived by residents and prospective residents. How should the board react to the state's performance index rankings for the district?

Age 87
Education master social science
Campaign Phone (216) 662-2659
I have devoted my self to the well being of our students, faculty and administrators and have found our Superintendent has been one of the most outstanding individuals in this city. I have over 60+ years of educational experience and currently teaching at TRI-C ONCORE Campus. I have been a teacher, principal and consultant to schools in Pennsylvania and New York State.
We must always strive to increase the love of learning of our students and the committment of parents to support their children in education. Also, the moral of the teaching staff must be high with the knowledge that their workers are appreciated and significant in the lives of kids.
We have found that the ranking system is highly changeable and often confusing. We of course should take direction from the state board seriously.
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Age 55
Education Indiana Wesleyan University Bachelors Science Management
Residence municipality Maple Heights
Campaign Phone (440) 941-1745
I would like to continue serving my community but most importantly the students of maple heights. I have lived in this community for 22years and became involved to make change and make sure our kids got what they deserved and that was an education and opportunity to be successful. The talent I have brought to the Maple Heights School board is one of example and perserverance. My service of 12 years has been one of many goals. I completed my college degree and found away to be in the classroom. I am a preschool teacher and knowing I can make a difference in and outside of the classroom has fulfilled my purpose. I bring a different perspective to serving on the school board and many decisions that are made by me are always made with what’s best for kids.
Some of most significant issues facing our district are 1). The negative perception of our schools because of State report and 2). State Funding. Our district like others have made significant gains but when law makers and state boards change requirements to fit the need of affluent districts this makes it hard to change the perception of our communities because everyone beliefs in the state data. We have graduates that have attended Ivy league schools after graduation, millions of dollars in scholarships are given every year but these accomplishments are not documented in the state data. State Funding and how it is dispursed will never be fair and just in the urban districts. We are constantly seeking additional grants and funding to keep our district solvent and providing our students what they need to be successful. The most effective way is to keep informing our residents and parents on how much power they have in their voting rights and that they must become advocates for the children. This is everyones fight not just board of education members.
The Board of Education reaction should be one of change and intolerance.We have to be vigilant with our state board of education and representatives to make rankings fair across the board. When state performance guidelines are changed right before data is released is just morally wrong. I have experienced this twice in my 12 years of service on the board and I have voiced my concerns on all levels of to drive change.
Age 55
Education Glenville High School, Notre Dame College (BS)
Campaign Phone (216) 538-8684
I want to serve on the Maple Hts City School Board because I see the need for new leadership. A changing of the guard. The season is upon us to turn the direction of our failing school district around. I represent a new team of thinkers with passion for the children not myself. I represent a different mindset that is more proactive in ensuring the academic success of all children. I am a team player, an activist, project oriented, business minded. I am very detail oriented and organized, I'm a researcher, I find solutions to problems that work. I speak the language of the children, Because, I listen, they listen. I bring a history and culture with me from my parents, my family, my 'village' that was instrumental in my success. My time management skills are a strength that I will use to get any task completed. I want to help institute policies that will promote positive change towards a higher standard of education for every child. There are 5 board members and 4 of them have been serving each for more than 10 years. The school district has been failing for more than 7 years now. There is a need for new ideas for policies that address why our children are performing poorly and then make changes for the better. I have been studying other school districts in other cities and states where their policies are successful. I want to implement those same policies here and adapt them in whatever way is necessary so that they work here.
Here are a few significant issues, (1) Failing grades/dropout rate. Students are passed on with failing grades, there is no incentive to do well. The new school buildings are spectacular but the school environment remains the same. Parents are looking at other school choices. A goal of excellence, higher expectations, a more loving, caring atmosphere in every school building and a better understanding of the needs of our children is what's will make the difference. (2) The classroom sizes, are too large. It is very difficult for teachers to effectively teach and keep 36 students engaged in a 90 minute class, especially at the high school level. We need to review classroom space, add more teachers, make adjustments. (3) There is very little school spirit or school pride. The dress code is not enforced, bullying and harassment are on the rise partly because children come to school with so many personal issues. It will take teacher, student and parent support and input to address this issue. (4) Public education should be determined by the public. There is very little parental engagement from the board, there is a lack of the use of all avenues of communication not just social media, or the district's website. Very little follow up from teachers or committees with lists of parents who want to get involved. There needs to be some type of requirement put on parents to get involved in some capacity. More communication with parents is imperative if we expect more from our children
The states performance index for Maple Hts ranks the district 601 of 608. Residents are outraged by this continued failure. There are some fundamental differences in school performance and we need to research how to replicate the successes of other higher performing schools. We need to improve instruction, access better resources and the highest quality of instructors. We desperately need to talk to parents to get them involved. We need to address the needs of parents as well to help them with services and the resources they need that will help them with their children. The board needs to address the quality of what is being offered. Expectations need to be raised. There isn't enough done to highlight the great programs and the instructors that are enthusiastic about their craft. Teachers need to be empowered, not administrators. Parents should get something more from their child's school other than the quarterly newsletter on a regular basis. After school activities are just as important. Children are too stressed, too preoccupied and too caught up with fashion and distracted by constant bullying and harassment. There need to be more counselors and alternative ways to deal with the issues that our children deal with on a regular basis. Teachers need to be given more flexibility in being part of the disciplinary process. Suspensions and expulsion should be the last resort. There has to be alternative ways to discipline without removing the child from the learning environment. logo


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