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Euclid City Council, Ward 8

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $11,000Incumbent Laura J. Gorshe, whose term expires on December 31, 2017, is running against Angela K. Steele.
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    Laura J. Gorshe Euclid Ward 8 Councilwoman

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    Angela K. Steele Administrative

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Why are you running (or running again) for mayor or a seat on City Council?

What do you hope to accomplish while you're mayor or on City Council--for your ward or for your whole city?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

Age 54
Education Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing
Current occupation Call Center Supervisor
Qualifications for office I have a well-rounded knowledge of the City of Euclid, its programs, religious and Civic Organizations. I have a taken an active role in each and every organization listed and have always given my best to all. I have learned much from being a part of those organizations and learned from its leaders, both past and present. This experience has served me well and I take that experience with me in my role of Euclid City Councilwoman. City Of Euclid, Recreation Department, Youth Flag Football Cheerleader Coach - EDCOR, Secretary, Board Member and Loan Committee Member City of Euclid Community Block Grant Fund Citizen’s Advisory Committee Downtown Euclid Redevelopment Advisory Committee Euclid Citizens Tax Advisory Committee Euclid Charter Review Commission ~ Commissioner Euclid Planning & Zoning Commission - Commissioner Euclid Chamber of Commerce – Past Chairmen, Secretary, Vice President, Business advocacy Chair, Annual Dinner Committee, Golf Committee, Community Asset Award recipient ~ 2005. Euclid Police Athletic League – Fundraiser, PAL MVP~ 2005, Euclid Police Mini Station Grand Opening Committee (East & West facilities) Euclid Police Citizen’s Police Academy ~ Graduate of Class 17. Euclid Weed & Seed ~ Merchant’s Organizing Committee Euclid Hospital Emergency Room Expansions Project ~ Business Leader Committee Euclid YMCA ~ Programs Committee Chair St. Felicitas (NKA St. John of the Cross) PTU Treasurer. School Board Member and Chairperson. School Development Board St. Felicitas Church (NKA St. John of the Cross) Hospitality Minister Mary Mavec School of Opportunity, Board Member Euclid Democratic Club, Past Treasurer, secretary Euclid Democratic Club, Member
Campaign Phone (216) 744-8988
Email address
I am asking for Euclid Ward 8 resident to re-elect me as their councilperson, I have many years of experience and will continue to be effective and to be able to work on projects already in process. I have written or supported legislation where it made sense to protect our housing stock, our residents, the safety forces and maintain quality of life issues that matter to the residents every day. I am passionate about the residents of Ward 8 and the City of Euclid.

I have held many Ward meetings and forums for residents to come together, gather information and to communicate with City, County and State Representatives about matters that are of most concern to them. I am a person of action, I have answered hundreds of resident calls and have offered resolve to those concerns. I am proud to have been able to make their lives easier. I have fought with them on issues that simply do not make sense and have spoke on their behalf at many meetings such as the planning and zoning commission and the architectural review board.

There is much more work to be done and experience, passion and resolve does matter when faced with critical issues.
There is more work to be done and continuing on in the role of councilperson for Euclid Ward 8 is critical to resolve. My many years of experience matters greatly to that end. I will continue to work hard on the issues facing the City of Euclid right now. Issues such as revenue and the funds to be able to maintain and pave streets, to repair infrastructure, to hire more police and fire and to purchase new service department equipment. Euclid has monumental debt that is now in the repayment stage and a declining tax base. Euclid has a higher poverty rate than most neighboring cities. Euclid is entering 2018 with a budget deficit.

Ward 8 needs a council representative that uses her financial experience to thoroughly look at the budget, understands it, and will offer well thought out long term financial planning.
As I had mentioned within the above answer, the greatest issue facing the City of Euclid is revenue and the funds to be able to maintain and pave streets, to repair infrastructure, to hire more police and fire, to purchase new service department equipment. We have monumental debt that is now in repayment and a declining tax base and a higher poverty rate than most neighboring cities.
Age 52
Current occupation Senior Administrative Assistant & Program Administrator
Qualifications for office Successfully spearheaded and developed many campaigns as well as help developed programs in my church and the community. Helped develop a countywide program in the recruitment of foster and adoptive parents. Instrumental in bringing behavioral and mental health services in Euclid City Schools. Worked on the Presidential Campaign for Barack Obama. Volunteered for Euclid school activities and worked on many fundraising events given by Euclid City Schools. Mentored youth in the community and assisted families who were faced with crisis.
Campaign Phone (216) 849-2341
Email address
I am running for City Council because I am passionate about this city and the people of this city. This city has so much to offer and I believe that our city needs a change and fresh start. I believe the people of this city will need someone whom they can trust. Currently Euclid is dealing with problems, plans and projects that must get resolved. I know the residents of Euclid are anxiously waiting for a change.
Safety for everyone. Currently Euclid has had a spike in crime, and It is my understanding our police department is understaffed. if elected I will lobby for more police officers, however I will implement a program which will help the residents of Euclid. This program will be called our "Street Ambassadors." The Street Ambassadors responsibilities would be to inform their neighbors of community information and new legislatives, and assist in organizing block watches which will reduce crime.

I will work hard to provide better services for our seniors. One of the programs is our snow removal program. It is currently discounted, however it is still too expensive for most of our seniors. I want to implement a program that would cost little to nothing for our seniors for snow removal. This will help in caring for the safety of our seniors.

Resources for our Youth - There are limited programs for youth between the ages of 14 - 18 and it is my goal to develop "Life Skills Program." I will reach out to our local leaders, churches and other organizations. I will work hard to partner with the Euclid City Schools to implement this program, because many of our youth graduate high school and are not prepared for Adulthood.

Unity - I plan on getting each street involved in having an annual block party. This is a great event, it gets all residents involved and it helps people become more active in their community.
The biggest challenge is changing the mindset of people. The residents of Euclid are apprehensive in trusting it's local government. We have to change that mindset. I have heard many residents complain about the school system, our police department and how minorities are treated. This has occurred in my ward. People need a voice, someone who they can trust and no the work is going to get done. I will work hard on lobbying for better results, safer neighborhoods and for our residents to feel free to come and ask questions and not be ignored. I will also work with council, the school board and the community to bridge this gap. Many times we talk about budgets and legislatives, but the people of Euclid are crying out, they are waiting and wanting to be heard. Everyone deserves equality and the pursuit of happiness. I will work towards PEACE & UNITY for ALL RESIDENTS of Euclid. logo


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