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Euclid City Council President

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $13,000Alisa Boles and Charlene Mancuso are running to replace John W. Monroe, whose term expires on December 31, 2017.
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    Alisa Boles Attorney

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    Charlene Mancuso Registered Nurse

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Why are you running (or running again) for mayor or a seat on City Council?

What do you hope to accomplish while you're mayor or on City Council--for your ward or for your whole city?

What do you think are the biggest challenges facing your community? And, if applicable, your ward?

Education J.D., Cleveland-Marshall College of Law, Cleveland State University; B.A., Ohio University
Current occupation Law Clerk & Mediator, Cleveland Municipal Court
Qualifications for office Licensed attorney with 3.5 years experience in the judicial branch of government, in addition to 4 years as a licensed insurance agent and 4 years as an OSHA consultant. Community service includes: Volunteer Tax Preparer (IRS' VITA program); Writer, "Euclid Observer"; Block Watch Captain & Citizens Police Academy (EPD); Coach, EYSO (SOCCER) & EYHA (HOCKEY); Founding Member, Board of Education’s Family and Civic Engagement Team (FACET) & Board of Health’s Creating Healthy Communities (CHC); Board Member, Moss Point Beach Club.
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I am running because I believe my legal training and mediation experience would be of benefit to the City in this position, in addition to my background in consultative sales (first dealing with OSHA, then insurance). I contribute the perspective of a homeowner and parent as well. The citizens of Euclid deserve a Council President who will work with other members of Council, the Administration and the Court to be conscientious stewards or our City's interests while protecting the rights of individuals. I think we should continue the trend of having an attorney on Council that began with our retiring Council President. As attorneys, we are trained to interpret laws and apply them fairly. Also of use is our training in conflict resolution, contract negotiation, risk management and public policy. To thrive as a city, we need to cultivate openness and inclusion from the leadership level on down and, for me, that is second nature. I have always been an outspoken advocate of equal rights for all. Euclid needs a Council President who believes in the potential of this City. Euclid has everything people need to live a well-rounded life and we are a strategically advantageous location for businesses. I am not from Euclid originally, but have now lived here nearly my entire adult life. I am invested in the success of this City and I embody the change Euclid is seeking.
I want to contribute a fresh perspective to old issues and ensure that the exciting new developments that are currently in the works do not get stuck in the mud. I have toured Europe and Japan, I have taken my son to see all 50 states and I have yet to find a place that’s all-around better than what we have right here. Euclid needs an advocate, and I will be that advocate. To keep our neighborhoods and business districts appealing, we need to work with homeowners & businesses to maintain reasonable standards and work with the Administration and the Court to more consistently enforce our codes. We must support our Safety Forces by ensuring they are well-equipped and well-trained. Looking ahead, we also need to continue to work with regional partners to meet modern expectations for transportation equity by increasing our options for transportation, including improving our network of protected All Purpose Trails to make travel by foot and bicycle safer and more enjoyable. Euclid has a talented staff whose specialties range from Urban Planning to Finance. This is in addition to resources we have available through the County, State and Federal governments. We also have an impressive stock of citizens who live and do business here. As Council President, I would tap into all available resources to further progress.
Euclid faces many of the same challenges that other inner ring suburbs face. On the bright side, along with our challenges comes opportunity. 1) CHALLENGE: Our properties are undervalued considering everything Euclid has to offer, especially with being situated on the shore of one of the Great Lakes and having such convenient access to a major city. OPPORTUNITY: We need to market our assets better – both internally and externally. We need to make sure our residents know about everything we have to offer and we should all do our part in promoting our City to others. 2) CHALLENGE: As I talk to folks around Euclid, I am hearing concerns ranging from issues with housing code enforcement to street maintenance. Many of our quality-of-life problems are symptoms of our economic situation. OPPORTUNITY: Anything we do to make Euclid a better place to live and work can attract new residents and business owners to our area. Community Development and Economic Development go hand in hand. 3) CHALLENGE: We are constantly striving to combat social plights and engage citizens of all ages. Unfortunately, government alone cannot cure all social ills. OPPORTUNITY: We can promote programs that help us help ourselves, many of which are already available through the City and other organizations. For example, we can get involved in Community Policing programs such as the Block Watch Program and volunteer our time for activities such as youth mentoring, adult literacy programs and elder care.
Education Masters in Public Administration Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Current occupation RN, Healthcare Consultant Nursing Faculty, Kaplan Inc.
Qualifications for office Two Terms as Councilperson at-Large in Euclid Currently the Ward 5 Councilperson Board Member, Shore Cultural Centre Board Member, The Henn Mansion Chairperson, Euclid Public Safety Committee Member, strategic Healthcare Committee in Euclid Former Board Member, Ohio State EMS Board
Campaign Phone (216) 731-5952
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As the current Ward 5 Councilwoman, I see multiple opportunities to work with the talent on City Council and the Mayor and her staff. Euclid is finally seeing an upswing in its efforts to truly recover from the housing crash of several years ago. I think my experience as a Director in a large urban Hospital System has taught me the necessary skills to be able to respect all, collaborate often and thrive in the public arena. Also my past experience as a two term At-Large Councilwoman has shown me how to see "the big picture" in our city, and then collaborate and compromise with both public and private entities in an effort to assure Euclid's positive progress.
I know that this position is the key link to brokering a positive outcome for city projects/issues/goals. While "dynamic tension" is a necessary component in any functioning government, and certainly at the municipal level, I think I would bring the kind of leadership that fosters the City Council's talents and also can tie those talents, experiences and decisions to the City's overall agenda which is operationalized by the Mayor and her administration. Both components of our city government need to work in a cohesive, yet thoughtful manner to accomplish the most productive outcomes for our residents. The leadership factor is one I believe is most important to dealing with any and all of the issues facing our city.
1. As with any inner-ring suburb, we are constantly challenged with fiscal limitations, while being asked to maintain or better the services provided to our residents 2. City governments are having to become more nimble/flexible in making changes that used to take months or years. Today we have to be able to change, adapt and respond in shorter timeframes in order to survive, compete and engage. This ability to respond, change and adapt can bring initial negative feelings for many. It takes a very astute Administration and City Council to not only recognize the need to change, but then to collaborate, debate and find a "new normal". 3 While diversity is clearly an ongoing issue in many cities, when I speak of diversity as being one of our greatest issues, I mean we can better understand and incorporate diversity in our workplace, in our voting booths, and in our neighborhoods. However my goal is to get Euclid residents to understand our own community diversity, embrace what we have in common, in talent, in families, in businesses, and how that diversity can positively impact a better outcome for all of us wo live, work and visit our city. logo


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