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Term: 4 yearsSalary: $4,500Two at-large seats on City Council are open. Only one incumbent, Nathaniel Martin,is running. Three other candidates are also on the ballot: Timothy R. Austin, Kelvin L. Earby, and Vidah A. Saeed.Incumbent Christopher Pitts is not running.
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  • Kelvin L. Earby

  • Nathaniel Martin

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    Vidah A. Saeed Candidate East Cleve. Council at Large

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Do you have ideas to help East Cleveland return to financial stability--to emerge from its state-declared status of "fiscal emergency"?

What are your spending priorities, given East Cleveland's limited funds? Police, fire, roads, housing issues, demolition of abandoned buildings?

Is annexation by Cleveland still a desirable and viable option for East Cleveland? If so, how could you help make it attractive to both cities' officials and voters? If not, why not?

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Age 52
Education Case Western Reserve University (1983-1991; BA in Art Psychology™, mostly full time); Private school education (Hathaway Brown School, 1977-1983); Public school education (Cleveland Public Schools enrichment); Hondros College Cleveland Institute of Art; Other: Cooper School of Art, John Caroll University, Cuyahoga Community College
Current occupation Independent Educator on Broadcast media
Qualifications for office LAW:: Some years experience and understanding about law and the legal process; BUSINESS/INVESTMENT:: Entrepreneural history and education, corporate vision, correspondence experience, contracts; REAL ESTATE:: 31+ years experience with properties, certificates in Real Estate and Appraisal (Hondros College 2007); VISIONARY/PROJECT PLANNER:: Efforts listed in the permanent records of the City of Cleveland Lakefront Plan; LEADERSHIP/EDUCATOR:: Substitute teacher for E. Cleveland City Schools K-12 and job coach for youth (1992-1993); former and aspiring producer and project coordinator (Legacy Communications,Time Warner Cable Public Access; TV /Radio; produced own TVshows called "The Promise™" and "Heaven Help Us All" without experience); POLITICAL:: Well known among politicians in E. Cleveland and other cities, poll worked, campaigned for elected; EXPANSION:: Specialty and knowledge in a range of fields, multi talented and multi faceted, an interest to elderly, youth, and the distressed; COMMUNITY:: 24+ yrs. as international social-political activist.(Jena 6, Anthony Sowell murders, the kidnapping of Gina DeJesus, Stop the Violence, marches on Washington, D.C.; experienced the pursuit of "137 shots" incident in East Cleveland, etc.). Always fought for rights, justice with dedication and love for the people; memberships in E.Cleve. community /political organizations (East Cleve. City Wide Democratic Organization, NOAH, Ohio Eighth House District Black Caucus, etc.); ETHICS:: Integrity, team player; PERSONAL EXPOSURE:: TV, Radio, internet, movies, (named "The Chipmunk Lady" on The Roseanne Show),associated with celebrities, public speaker, performer/entertainer; ENDURANCE:: birthed and raised 4 of 5 children during 7&1/2 years of mostly full time study at CWRU; FAMILY:: formally married, grandmother.
Campaign Phone (310) 343-3385
Email address
I require a transparent, organized administration. It’s crucial that residents of the City understand the City’s finances to scrutinize our integrity, but all departments have to work together to micro-manage records, following precisely Sect.60 of our Charter, whereas the mayor submits an estimation of the City’s departments Council has to approve.To prepare an appropriation ordinance, I will not approve faulty estimates, requiring proof. I’ll ensure an effective accounting/reporting system. After eliminating fiscal emergency condition by approving spending, pay and contract cuts, increased fees, and creative ways to produce revenue, I will provide no new opportunity for emergency approving a balancing 5 year forecast for the Auditor. I will reason with the Governor to responsibly allocate rainy day funds for a percentage to be designated specifically to help raise our city out of fiscal emergency. Denial seems discriminatory of City demographics. In order to ensure a balanced budget, we need resources so Ill approve quality legislation that would help build our tax, business, and housing base; increase jobs by attracting manufacturers and major businesses, never giving away land to multibillion$ corporations; eliminate thieves, make changes to build a strong, growing, surviving, recovering economy, a progressive school system, healthy food options, more amenities, regulate blight businesses and make a plan to eliminate the red light cameras which make this city undesirable
The cost of a residential demolition can range from $10K-$36K; $34K for Commercial. East Cleveland received over 3 million in demolition funds. Only after each demolition is complete will the award be allocated, therefore the city has to use its own money, seek the help of developers, etc. Demolition will not be on my list of priorities. I will encourage renovation. I believe some of these properties are salvageable. Demolition allows for large developers to come in displacing residents, resulting in gentrification. I believe in providing for the needs of those who live or own a home in this city. Somehow the system did not cater to the homeowner’s needs that caused such abandonment of property in the first place. I seek to inspire community team work to fix properties rather than tear all of them down. Demolition should be regulated. We need services for homeless, affordable housing, converting some of these places, functioning to draw people to this city. The biggest spending should go towards safety for police. Travelers and residents’ next compliant are the awful roads that keep people away from the city, causing residents to move out. Blighted neighborhoods draw crime. You have to have police fire and ambulance for the city to function safely, provide homes that are affordable for the comfort of living reducing stress that will lead to crime, board up abandoned properties while preparing to renovate then get rid of the blight for revitalizing new construction to flow in
As Council at Large legislator, I would change how finances are handled. There will be no need for annexation. We need to cut the umbilical cord from a local or state government takeover; otherwise, it would be as if I have abandoned my city. Cleveland had its own devastated communities and bad streets they had to deal with I observed when action towards annexation commenced. E.C. will not necessarily be their priority. It's similar to parents of biological children who also adopt. Even though their intent is to treat the children equally, if they were dying simultaneously, naturally the parent would see to the survival of her own blood 1st. So by the time Cleve. would've really gotten to E.C.,our city would have had to struggle on its own anyway, could have found the right resources or support system with a better chance of survival. In order to survive effectively, E. C. needs the right people. The city has lost its support due to distrust, public bickering, 90% of the community being African-American making us a target for scrutiny, stereotypeing, and withdrawal of federal funds. We have to improve the city's image, make a reason for the people to want to vote. Funds are denied because registered voters don't always participate in the political process. We can make E.C. more attractive by eliminating social blight, physical blight and have someone as myself who will not be selfish or steal the funds but in for the benefit of the people who want a better quality of life. logo


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