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Issue 17: Ordinance 17-10 by Petition

Issue 17 REFERENDUM ON ORDINANCE NO. 17-10 ACCMS(BY PETITION) OBERLIN CITYA Majority Affirmative Vote Is Necessary For Passage.Ordinance No. 17-10 AC CMS establishes a City of Oberlin Community Choice Program, and as part of that program,subject to the approval of the Auditor of State, a City of Oberlin Community Choice Program Fund, for the purpose of enabling and facilitating voluntary contributions to be utilized to further the City of Oberlin's progress toward the goals outlined in the City's Climate Action Plan, in accordance with guidelines to be established by subsequent Ordinance; permits Oberlin City Council to designate each year by Resolution up to 20 percent of the CommunityChoice Program funds received the previous year to establish a separate endowment fund, the proceeds from which to be utilized toward the same goals; and directs that 85 percent of the revenue derived from the sale and repurchase of certain Renewable Energy Certificates be returned to utility customers in the form of a credit, which customers can then donate to the Community Choice Program Fund by choosing to forgo all or part of any credit to their utility accounts.Shall Ordinance No. 17-10 AC CMS establishing a Community Choice Program and a Community Choice Program Fund be adopted?
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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