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Pflugerville City Council Place 4

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    George Lueck Engineer

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    Rudy Metayer Attorney

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Given current budget constraints, how do you propose to manage the needs of your city, such as job growth, transportation and public safety?

What other pressing issues are facing your community and what actions would you propose to deal with those issues?

Why are you seeking this office?

Background I have over 30 years experience working as a transportation engineer.
Education Bachelor of Science Texas A&M
Successful cities leverage every oppurtuny possible, whether it be state, federal and county programs available. A key to being ready for opurtunities, is to have your master plans up to date and current. The key to securing federal participation for road projects is to have construction plans ready, environmental clearances, utility relocations and right-of-way clearances complete before applying for federal funds.

To attract new industry, I believe Pflugerville needs to focus on more knowledge based employers that can compete in a global economy.

The biggest challenge that cities face is retaining qualified personnel, a significant investment is made in training new officers. Salaries must be competive with surrounding cities.
Lack of funding, keeping taxes low while still maintaining services within available revenues is probably the biggest challenge facing elected officials. I will work to make Pflugerville as business friendly as possible. There are few hedges against the rising cost of living, but economic growth and the creation of new jobs is of paramount importance.

Another major challenge is maintaining the existing infrastructure in an acceptable manner. I have run a street maintenance department before and faced these challenges as a city staffer. If elected, I will help with condition assessments of streets and work with city staff to look for ways to perform operations more efficiently.
I have spent most of my career, designing and overseeing road construction and maintenance in other cities that I do not live in. I have also worked on parks, drainage, water/sewer and transportation master plans. I have lived in Pflugerville for over 23 years, and I have come to the point in my life where I want to draw on experience to help the city I live in. I have seen Pflugerville make so many positive changes in that time, that I now believe that the building blocks are in place for Pflugerville to become an even greater community. I believe that I not only posses the vision to do this, but I have a proven track record of executing successful projects leveraging public and private participation.
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Background Travis Co. ESD Comm. (Pflugerville Fire Dept.) VP, Pflugerville Charter Review Comm., Finance & Budget Comm. Co-Chair, State Bar of Texas Director
Education Univ. of Texas at Austin (B.A. Government & Philosophy) Univ. of Texas School of Law (J.D.) Univ. of Texas LBJ School of Public Affairs (MPAff)
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Twitter @vote4rudy
Job Growth, Transportation, and Public Safety may seem to be three independent issues facing Our City and budget, but they are all linked. We prioritize the health and safety of Our citizens and that encompasses making sure that we have a strong and supported police department. To create this, we need to have the tax revenue from local businesses to pay for Department needs so this burden isn't on Our citizens and their property taxes. Therefore, we must create the infrastructure for businesses to come to Pflugerville to spur our job growth. The majority of Our citizens do not work in the City. Having a diversity of businesses here will change this. In doing so, we need to properly build & maintain roadways to allow for business to flourish
Our City has become a destination point for people looking for a high quality of life, that is affordable for everyone. To keep this level of quality, we must not only look to elicit businesses that will help diversify our tax base, but also partner with other local taxing entities to maintain or improve our services. Too often these entities operate in silos & don't look at ways to pool tax revenue together for the betterment of the public. When they do work together, great things can happen. Two examples: as VP of the Fire Department, we worked with the Pflugerville School District to help create an Academy to provide students another avenue when they graduate from HS. We also worked with the City to entice Costco to come to Pflugerville.
As an active member of Our community, I have been blessed to be involved in Our City on various levels. From being a member of the Steering Committee for the City's Strategic Plan, to also serving on the Commission to help provide direction of the new 1849 Park & Sports Complex, I have a very unique perspective that is shared by few in the community. This viewpoint is based on the various citizens & local officials that I work with on a regular basis. It has helped me to see that everything that is done in Our City is interconnected. From the building of the new Weiss H.S., to the implementation of paramedic services & the roll out of 4 new ambulances by the Fire Depart., nothing is in a silo. I bring this vision of your ideas to the Office
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