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    Adeline Bui Entrepreneur

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    Jeff Marsh Custom Home Builder

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Given current budget constraints, how do you propose to manage the needs of your city, such as job growth, transportation and public safety?

What other pressing issues are facing your community and what actions would you propose to deal with those issues?

Why are you seeking this office?

Background I am a Mom, a business woman who owns multiple bars/restaurants in Pflugerville and Austin, a real estate developer, real estate broker and more
Education BS in Business from the University of Colorado
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Twitter @adelinebuitx
In Pflugerville, over 65% of residents commute outside of the city for work. Pflugerville needs to bring corporations and more local businesses to stay in Pflugerville and hire local residents. This will help to keep tax money inside Pflugerville and create jobs within the city. This will cut down on long distance commute and possibly rely on public transportation to be an option in the future as Pflugerville currently do not have any public transportation systems.
Due to the recent growth within Central Texas, the large numbers of residents moving into Pflugerville because Austin is not as affordable, and how that growth created more developments, more constructions problems, more safety issues. The general consensus is how to keep Pflugerville affordable and safe. This will required a care and responsible planning from the City. We need to hold every project to the highest standards and ensuring that the needs of the City is met for the people not the developers.
I have been in downtown Pflugerville for over 8 years. Every year, I hear a candidate sell me on Revitalizing Downtown Pflugerville. And in the 8 years, nothing has been done. It is because no one really know how to fix the problems. If the candidate do not have a vested interest in downtown or is a business owner, how could they possibly know how to fix the problem. I believe that I have the solution. It does required hard work, cooperation from the City, Economic Developments groups, the local business owners, the land owners if my vision is to succeed at revitalizing downtown.
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Background I've lived, worked, and played in Pflugerville my entire life. My wife and I own a home in Old Town, and I currently serve on the City Council.
Education Attended PfISD schools, K-12; Graduated from Pflugerville H.S.; B.A. in Political Science, Texas A&M; Certificate in Leadership Studies, Texas A&M
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Budget constraints require creative solutions. I reorganized, then led the Finance and Budget Committee in a detailed analysis looking for creative solutions within the City's General Fund.

While serving on Council, we successfully redirected an additional $1.2M for road maintenance while keeping the same tax rate and preventing further reliance on bonds. Good roads are safe roads.

We recently approved grant acquisition for heavy bullet proof vests for our police. We protect them, so that they can protect our community.

Creating jobs increases sales tax revenue. Council announced the arrival of CostCo, S&W Hospital, and Living Spaces to Pflugerville. The Council has also partnered with PCDC to bring companies to the 130 Commerce Center.
Every successful town has an identity created by a "sense of place". Usually a vibrant downtown area serves as this sense of place, such as Georgetown's square or Round Rock's Main Street. Where's our place?

I've already directed City Staff to create a detailed infrastructure construction plan with estimated costs for our Downtown district. This will include items such as promenade sidewalks with tree-wells, period style lighting and signage, paver-style streets and underground utilities. Creating a new atmosphere will incentivize private sector re-investment.

While past efforts have failed, I've been complimented by businesses in Downtown for bringing more excitement to this project and already carrying it further than anyone has before.
I live here. I understand Pflugerville and its residents.

I've been a Pflugerville resident my entire life. I returned here upon graduation, bought a home, married, and currently run operations for my family’s small Pflugerville-based company. I am a member of Immanuel Lutheran Church and the Lions Club.

Pflugerville's successful growth has resulted from a focus on Public Health, Public Safety, and Responsible Business Development. As a Councilmember, I continue to prioritize these primary obligations to our citizens with the understanding they are critical to our success.

I already work for you. I'm willing to continue to donate my time and energy exclusively in Pflugerville. Re-elect me so we can see our projects to fruition.
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