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Putnam County Legislative Districts Legislative District 2

District 2 covers Putnam Valley and the hamlet of Lake Secor. The Putnam County Legislature is the elected body that is responsible for setting County policies, reviewing the administration of government, appropriating funding, levying taxes, reviewing and adopting the annual budget, and enacting resolutions and local laws. The Legislature is comprised of nine elected members. Every Legislator serves on at least one of the Legislative Committees.
  • William J. Gouldman (Rep)

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    Anthony M. Williams (Dem) Information Technology Specialist / Real Estate Investor

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If elected, What are your three top priorities to accomplish while in office?

If elected, how will you assure that your vote will reflect the wishes of your District, and benefit the residents of Putnam County?

Governor Cuomo has encouraged the counties and towns statewide to merge their services where they can to affect positive changes. To that effect, would you support a countywide school system that would have only one school superintendent for the entire county?

Would you be willing to share the sales tax collected in Putnam County with its six towns, as it is in Dutchess County?

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Campaign Phone (914) 886-8958
Education University of California, Berkeley; The Walter A. Haas School of Business; Broome Leadership Institute;
Bio Anthony is a dedicated husband and loving father of six, Anthony plays an active role in his community where he is a member of the Putnam Valley Democratic Committee, Putnam Valley Historical Society, Lake Peekskill Civic Association, Friends of the Putnam Valley Library, and the newly expanding Westchester-Putnam Salvation Army. In addition to being a real estate investor, he has proven himself to be an outstanding leader and businessman with more than 25 years of experience in Business Management, Graphic Design, Information Technology and Professional Development. He has worked with noted Fortune 500 companies including: Random House Publishing, Sony Music, the Xerox Corporation, Lourdes Hospital, Barnes & Noble, and Lockheed Martin. He has also owned and operated two successful businesses himself. Additionally, Anthony has consulted for several private sector companies and not-for-profit agencies. Educated at the University of California, Berkeley, the Walter A. Haas School of Business, and the Broome Leadership Institute, Anthony’s roots are deeply ingrained in sustainable economic development and innovation. His life of service includes positions on numerous Boards and Commissions throughout the state, from the Putnam County Advisory Council, Broome County Public Library Board of Trustees, Mental Health Association of the Southern Tier, and Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce to the Y.M.C.A., PTA and NAACP, to name but a few. Anthony is excellent at successfully working with people from all demographics and backgrounds and is a strong voice to those he represents. He is an outstanding communicator whose unique blend of skills and diverse experience allow him the vision to create positive and effective solutions within the communities he serves.
Endorsements Putnam County Democratic Party; the Working Families Party; the Westchester-Putnam Central Labor Body (AFL-CIO); and the CSEA.
My top priority for Putnam's residents is to make sure that not only have I heard their concerns, values and hopes, but also that I will be the avenue through which they can express them. I will keep open and regular communication with the people I represent so they know what is happening in the County Legislature and how it will affect them. Second, I will help develop and pass a stronger, more sustainable budget that fairly allocates funds to Putnam's taxpayers and that doesn't require State sales tax extension funds to support it. Third, I plan to actively seek to lessen the tax burden on Putnam's residents by utilizing Federal and State grants to help us battle the opioid crisis; keep our lakes and public lands clean and responsibly maintained for generations to come; to create sustainable economic development in our county through use of green energy resources, grants, and job creation. These are all programs and entities that actually work and don't cost the taxpayers more money.
I will hold County forums, Webinars, video conferences and effectively use social media any and all ways I can reach out to Putnam's residents in order to create transparency in our Legislative process. Communication will be two-way -- I will be face-to-face in person or via electronic means to reach anyone in Putnam who wants to have a say, something I would hope all constituents want. Before a measure is introduced to the Legislature, I want to be armed with the knowledge that I am truly representing the people who have voted for me, and I am voicing their opinions. It is only through effective and meaningful communication that we have an informed electorate, better voter turnout, and the knowledge that we are making “A Better Putnam County For All!”
I believe in shared services, when it is thought out and managed competently and efficiently. Not only does it save taxpayer dollars, but when the resources of the communities in our county band together, it promotes the best practices of each town. However, this must be done in a way in which individual towns that may have specific needs not in common with the others, still get the best possible services. These mergers work when the differences are identified, highlighted and addressed effectively, while still fully supporting the common areas in each town. The Legislature must have strong liaisons with town managers and the superintendents of our vital services, so no town is left behind.
Sales tax is a much-needed source of revenue for us all, and I would definitely be willing to share among the towns in Putnam County. Right now, the County sales tax doesn't truly benefit our residents and there's no real incentive to shop locally. Since the sales tax is not shared, there's a limited push for economic development in many areas, because it costs taxpayers more to bring new business in, yet the towns are getting nothing financially in return. We also need to see how we can make Putnam competitive. Whereas our local sales tax is higher than neighboring counties, shoppers often would rather cross the county line than shop locally, which would benefit us all. logo


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