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City of Lima Council 5th Ward - Term Commences 01/01/18

City Council members must be a resident of their respective Ward. Council Members are to ensure the city fulfills its duties under the law and lawfully exercises its powers. They act as liaisons between the city and the general public. Their concerns are the conduct of the daily affairs of the city and also the future development of the city. They have authority over the administrative affairs in the city and legislating for the city.Salary:$12,115.
  • Teresa Adams Retired

  • Jamie Dixon Service Cooridnator

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1. What changes do you expect to occur in the First Ward in the next 10 years, and how will your leadership impact that change?

2. List the major safety changes you see in your ward and describe how you will deal with those issues.

3. Although council members are elected to represent a specific ward, decisions made by the council as a whole impact the entire city. What qualifies you to represent your ward and also function as a member of council and make decisions for the good of the entire city?

Current Occupation Serving on Lima City Council
Training & Experience 8 years on City Council Lima's Neighborhood Care Academy 2009 Regional Planning Commission *Past Chair Traffic Committee *Past President Regional Planning Commission
The Grade Separation/Underpass on Elm St is moving forward along with the Roundabout involving Bellefontaine Ave, Elm and Calumet Ave. Both projects will be done at the same time with an estimated completion date of September 2019. Hold Public Informational Meetings and support legislation presented to Council on these (2) projects.

Also upcoming in the near future is the replacement of (2) Bridges on Pine St and Elm St. All the above projects will provide safe travel for residents and business traffic and allow Safety Services to respond in a timely matter to residents and business.

Various street and drainage improvements in the 5th Ward going forward as well. I have met with the Administration numerous times on issues in the 5th Ward and I am excited going forward with the above projects and some concerning drainage issues still on the drawing board but hope to see completed in the next 4 years.
Recently open the 2nd C.O.P. (Community Oriented Policing) Station with the 1st C.O.P. Station having open this time last year. This is to build a relationship and communication between LPD and the residents of the 5th Ward with their concerns and issues. I have supported legislation for both C.O.P. Stations as well as legislation for not only LPD but also the Fire Department for equipment and manpower.

Improvements in Lincoln Park, MLK and ALL parks by replacing the playground equipment with ADA accessibility. This will help in therapy activities held by Lima Memorial Hospital and other organizations. Parents will be able to take their children to All parks making them more accessible. Replacement/Improvements in sidewalks by making them wider around the schools for a safe passage. This improvement was not only in the 5th Ward but the entire City as well.

The 5th Ward has lead the way in removing/demolition of blighted properties. This has stabilized the neighborhoods and I have witnessed home improvements occurring and drug activity once coming from these blighted properties is also removed. I have been involved in adjacent property owners buying the lots through the land bank and I make it a point to inform the adjacent owners of the Land Bank Program through the City but now also through Allen County Land Bank.

All of the above has provided for a Better Quality of Life in the 5th Ward and the City.
I am experienced by having served 2 terms on council, I currently serve as Chair of the Finance Committee, member of the Human Resources Committee and past Chair/current member of the Public Works Committee. I am accessible to the residents of the 5th Ward as well as the residents of the City. I maintain a Good working relationship with City and County Officials.
Current Occupation National Church Residences/ Lima Towers as a Service Coordinator where I advocate and bridge services on behalf of the senior citizens and people with disabled, to make sure that they have a quality of life while remaining independent.
Education High School - Lima Senior High Bachelors of Science Degree in Business Travel and Hospitality from International Business College
(419) 302-5260
Some of the changes that I would expect to occur in the 5th Ward over the next 10 years would be to see new development. When you drive around the ward you see many vacate lots, wooded area that could all be used for development for new homes, community gardens and community centers or businesses, that all count enhance the quality of life for the residents in the ward and city. **Speaking about Hope Street, where the road just stops and there lies a large field that could be utilized. The wooded area that has become a junk/dump field that is located between Dingledine Ave. and Michael Ave. My leadership will impact that change because I will keep an optimistic mind set, all while taking the initiatives to meet with businesses, community programs and developers so that we as a ward and city will be ready to take advantage of the different opportunities, that may come our way.

The 5th Ward has seen a major change in the way that our neighborhoods look and feel. These changes concern’s me because as a resident whom was born, raised and live in the ward we’ve seen a large increasing number of abandon and dilapidated houses which had become spaces for crime, drugs and squatting that has contributes to the decline in the safety and peaceful enjoyment of the residents in our neighborhoods. I plan to face this problem head on by partnering with our local police department, county sheriff, code enforcement, city developer, land bank and by jumpstarting our community neighborhood associations in the Ward, which has been inactive for some time.
I believe what qualifies me to represent my ward is one which I stated above; I am a born and raised product of the 5th Ward, so I will be representing the people in which I can relate to their problems and concerns. In addition to working with the youth of the area and working as a Service Coordinator for the last 6 years, where I advocate and bridge services on behalf of senior citizens and persons with disabilities, to make sure that they have a quality of life while aging in place and doing so independently. I will be able to utilize my education, skills and learning experiences. So, that the right decisions can be made for the ward and city, All while at the same time remaining humble enough to know that when the neighborhoods thrive so will the city of Lima. logo


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