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Westlake Income Tax (continuation) for Recreation Center

Issue 53 on the ballot.Ballot language: Shall the Ordinance providing for the continuation of the existing 0.125% levy on income for the purpose of providing funds to pay costs of constructing, improving, furnishing, equipping, operating and maintaining the Recreation Center, a new and/or the existing Community Services Center and parks and other recreational facilities and principal of and interest on bonds and notes issued for any of those purposes, commencing January 1, 2018, through December 21, 2045, be passed?A majority affirmative vote is required for passage.A YES vote approves continuation of the levy.A NO vote opposes continuation of the levy.LEAGUE EXPLANATION: This is a renewal of a portion of the city's 1.5% income tax. This portion, 0.125%, goes to recreation center operations, capital outlay, and debt payments. If passed, the $2.3 million raised will be used to fund a new senior center and new aquatic center at Peterson Pool. Design would be completed in 2018 and construction would start in 2019.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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Pro and Con Arguments For and Against the Measure

1. Will replace 50-year-old Peterson Pool with an extensive outdoor aquatic area 2. Will provide for a senior/community center tailored to users’ needs and supportive of anticipated increases in programming 3. Guarantees a dedicated revenue stream to pay for new and enhanced facilities, parks and fields and covers costs of principal and interest on any related bonds without imposing additional taxes
1. Spends substantial dollars on an aquatic center that is usable only part of a year 2. Does not anticipate needs for additional staffing and maintenance costs that could affect plans for the use of this revenue 3. Assumes tax revenue from this renewal will not decrease during the time period that it is in effect (1/1/2018-12/21/2045) logo


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