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THREE 4-year terms available.Vote for no more than THREE.
  • Kumar Giri

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    Mark Gunn Entrepreneur, Business owner,

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    David Hamilton Research Engineer at Ford Motor Company

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    Ellen Hodorek Corporate Investigations, Investigative Analyst

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    Paul McCown City Council Member

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    Edward Pennington Owner, Auto Body Repair

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    Sunil Sivaraman IT Manager

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Biographical Information

Please provide biographical information and explain why you are running for City office and relevant qualities and skills you would bring to the position.

What are the top 3 Priority Issues that the city should address and what actions would you take regarding each of them?

Why did I decide to run? I have lived in Troy and owned four businesses over the last 32 years. During this time I have watched some city council members provide a great vision for our city and implement it. We enjoy very good schools, good city services, an incredible Police force in Troy. I have given my personal time to my children’s dads club, been a big brother, serve in the U.S Coast Guard auxiliary and serve as a precinct delegate. With my business experience, and education obtained at Walsh I decided it was time to continue what many other city council members have already provided for Troy, leadership.
What will I focus on if elected? There are three items I will focus on.

• First a healthy balance of green space over development. I am all for development as it provides as solid tax base for our city. With that though must come thoughtful consideration for the impact on those that will be dealing with the change.

• Fiscal responsibility. The taxes paid are those of the taxpayers in our city. I experienced the hard times Troy had in the last decade when property values dropped and we had to cut services. Times are much better now and if our city maintains a surplus I want to keep it that way. I want Troy to be the example of how to properly manage your money and not waste it.

• City services-Troy must maintain a healthy vision for the services for the Troy residents. I have always had a creative vision for the future and will bring with me many ideas that will help our community.
I’m David Hamilton, a 24-year resident of Troy, proudly born and raised within this city. I’m a graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering. For the last 12 years, I’ve worked in the automotive industry. I’ve programmed self-driving cars, worked on advanced safety technology, and currently enhance car connectivity to the internet at Ford.

The City of Troy has been there for me through the good and the bad. When I was 16, my father died unexpectedly; and this amazing community of friends, neighbors, and teachers rose and supported our family. This is something I can never forget and is at the core of why I’m running. It would be an absolute privilege to represent this community.

I also believe we need more STEM experts in office. With my engineering background, proven ability to innovate (I also have patents both approved and pending), and experience in team leadership, we can make Troy the most technologically advanced city in Metro Detroit. We can implement easy-to-use technology that improves a wide variety of city experiences.
1) Civic Center- I favor developing a walkable town center with green spaces. However, residents must be provided detailed information, options to explore, and education on the potential impact to the city based on those options. From there, we need to listen to residents’ concerns and consider their input before moving forward. 2) Innovation- Troy could be the most innovative city in Metro Detroit. With my background, we can implement simple ways for residents to better access city services. We can use technology to improve upon city communications and alerts with mobile apps, and to help residents become more interactive with their government. 3) Preserving green spaces- As a kid, I often played in Troy parks and our wooded areas. Now, much of Troy has been developed. While there are benefits to responsible development, I firmly believe we also need green spaces. They have value beyond money. I will work to develop innovative solutions to promote preservation, such as a green space advisory board that collaborates with our community.
I was first elected to council in 2013 and am running for re-election because I care about Troy. I have lived, worked, volunteered, and raised my family in Troy for the last 28 years, and have a vested interest in keeping our community strong. I possess the knowledge required to serve with excellence, and have demonstrated the ability to bring a politically independent voice to the role and listen to multiple perspectives on each issue. I want to build trust and transparency as we work together to safeguard our AAA bond rating, low millage rate, stellar "safe city" rating, and family friendly reputation. I bring a unique combination of private/public sector professional experiences, so I can adapt business best practices to our municipal needs. My prior 21-year professional career includes 17 years in public relations in the auto industry, and 4 in Troy’s community affairs department. I leverage these multiple perspectives (including my current role as an investigative analyst in corporate security), to bring innovative ideas and pragmatic decision making to the council role.
Troy’s AAA bond rating is a tremendous asset that we must keep as a priority; it protects commercial property values and keeps our millage rate low. With a strategic eye on Troy's lauded three-year rolling budget and five-year outlook, I will strive to continue to strike the proper balance between protecting our bond rating and allocating funds to meet critical infrastructure needs and services.

Troy is a benchmark city in many ways, including its safety and services. Supporting and protecting our police and fire departments as well as our city professionals who work to maintain our infrastructure has been a priority for me. I will continue to be a voice for these critical services going forward.

The fact that there are a number of projects under development is evidence of Troy's attractiveness to business. That doesn't happen accidentally. It happens because Troy has a reputation for professionalism. A key piece of this is our Master Plan, and I will continue to work to balance our residential priorities (including green space), with economic development.
My name is Paul McCown. I'm a 20-year Troy resident, and live here with my wife, Jacinta, and our 3 children: Paul Jr (4.5), James (2.5), and Rosie (6 months).

Professionally, I'm the Chief Financial Officer for Dataspeed Inc., which manufactures self-driving test vehicles for the engineering community - we have the largest autonomous test fleet worldwide.

I was appointed to City Council in September 2016 to fill a vacancy. Since then, I've used my analytical reasoning, professional experience, and financial acumen to help guide the city as we continue to progress and grow. Some of the key decisions I've been a part of are continued support for our police department, work to bring back senior programming, and focused efforts on continuing Troy as a diverse community.

I'm running for office primarily because I believe I should give back to the community that has given me so much. My skills and expertise have proven to be of value in the city's decision-making processes over the past year, and I hope to continue to provide insight as we continue to grow.
1) Ensure the Charter amendment receives a solid no vote. This amendment would be extremely detrimental to City business, and would result in a substantial reduction in quality of service to the community. The number of agreements that would be impacted is approximately 200. Everything from parking for Beaumont, to our world-class golf courses, and even our youth baseball and football teams would be negatively impacted. As such, this charter amendment

2) Provide services that cater to the changing age demographic in Troy. Nationwide, as well as regionally, the age distribution of the population is shifting. We must ensure that we are providing services that encourage younger generations to make Troy their home.

3) Bring back additional senior programming. While the age distribution is changing, we must also consider our seniors. In many cases, these people have given decades of their lives to this city. I would propose a thorough review of the senior services previously offered in Troy, as well as those offered in other communities, and bring back those that make sense.
I would like to thank you for the opportunity to continue to serve Troy on our City Council. My family business, Pennington Collision, is celebrating 50 years of service to Troy and the surrounding communities. We have always stressed quality workmanship while treating our customers with respect. I bring those same traits to Troy City Council. Since I was appointed to City Council in 2012, I helped to restore harmony to a council that had been divisive. I have listened to our citizens, studied the facts, worked closely with our Troy City Administraton, and made the best decisions I could for the future of all Troy citizens and businesses. Troy has a AAA bond rating and a healthy reserve fund balance. We have a council that is working well together as a team. We may not always agree, but we consistently strive to work out the best solution for the city in a civil and professional manner. Troy is on the right track, but there is still work to be done. This is why I would like to continue my tenure on Troy City Council.
In my mind, there is only one Priority Issue facing the city today that is of utmost importance. The Charter Amendment Proposal in the upcoming election, if passed, will cause the city harm that will not be easily reversed. Any other issue before us pales in comparison. If this Amendment passes, we will become an inefficient city bogged down by bureaucratic red tape. After study, it is my opinion that our bond rating will be affected, businesses will reconsider coming here, quality city employees will leave, property values will be stagnant or lowered, all city services will be affected..... I could go on and on. After reflection, I have started telling everyone lately that my election is not as important as the failure of this Charter Amendment. This is the ONLY Priority Issue that we presently face.
I want to Move Forward Together. The City is ​currently ​ ​divided but I strongly believe we can all work together in a collaborative fashion ​to do what's best for Troy. I am not here to make a name for myself, but to be the voice of the Citizens of Troy. I have been involved with our community in various ​capacities and will bring a wealth of experience to the city council: - City of Troy Traffic Committee Member - City of Troy Financial Ideas Team - Troy Youth Assistance Board Member - Troy Historic Village Board Member (Trustee) - Troy School District Facilities Board member 2015-2016 - Friends of Troy Seniors

​I am married with 2 children in the Troy Public school system, a dad who wants to make Troy a better place tomorrow than it is today. An Engineer by profession, ​I have worked for Ford for 23 years ​ and will bring my problem solving skills to the council table.

The difference I intend to make is to deescalate the political rhetoric.Bring positive change by listening and representing ​various points of view to the leadership of Troy. My motto is ‘Doing it Right’.
Ensure Fiscal Discipline: Get Good value for our hard earned money. Taxes pay for a lot our amenities, but we need to protect ourselves against increase of taxes. I will work on finding innovative ways of keep taxes same or lower. This will help our retirees, families and the common person.

Protect the environment - More green space within a city’s boundaries can improve the urban living space. But this does not mean we do not do development and do not bring jobs. We have to create a balance of development and protecting the green space. Hence the term Green development. This must be done while communicating openly with the people.

Troy is a melting pot where people come to realize their true American Dream. It a place people come from all over the world and make their home. This where people build homes, raise their families, and settle. I want to be your Voice, the voice of the common man. I am not in this to make a name for myself but represent each and every one of you.

Join me in Moving Troy Forward together. logo


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