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Brooklyn Charter Amendment re Council positions

Issue 12 on the ballot. Ballot language: Shall Article III, Section 6 of the Charter of the City of Brooklyn be amended to provide that the Council member receiving the highest number of affirmative votes among the Council at its annual organizational meeting shall be elected for the positions of President of Council, President Pro-Tem of Council, one Council member as a member of the City Planning Commission, and one Council member as a member of the Recreation Board?A YES vote approves the amendment to the city charter.A NO vote rejects the amendment to the city charter.A majority affirmative vote is required for passage.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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Pro and Con Arguments For and Against the Measure

The city's charter commission met this year and suggested this amendment. The commission wished to provide a mechanism to resolve a council leadership dilemma currently in place, which has been brought on partly because any candidates for council president must abstain from all votes and deliberations involving their election to that position and partly because Article XI, Section 5 of the charter requires at least a four-vote majority of council members for adoption of any measure. This language provides an exception to Article XI, Section 5, and permits the highest vote-getter (after any abstentions) to serve in the leadership position at issue.
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