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City of Lafayette Ballot Issue 2D Compensation of Mayor and Councilors

Shall Section 4.3 of the Lafayette Home Rule Charter be amended to provide that in the absence of an ordinance setting compensation for the Lafayette City Council, the monthly compensation for members of the Lafayette City Council shall be increased or decreased, in all even-numbered years, by the same collective percentage rates as the budgeted compensative adjustments provided to the general employees of the City for the immediate two calendar years?Yes__ No__Major Provisions:A vote “YES” means a method to determine the compensation for Lafayette City Council members will be set in keeping with that of the City’s general employees’ compensation schedule, for the next two years.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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Those IN FAVOR Say: 1. Service on City Council requires a significant amount of time and personal resources which should be compensated in a defined and reliable method. 2. Appropriate compensation encourages a greater pool of candidates, increasing potential for diversity of citizens willing to undertake service to the City. 3. The link to adjustments for general employees of the City provides a mechanism that considers factors, such as cost of living changes and the general financial condition of the City.
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