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City of Lafayette Ballot Issue 2A Open Space Tax Extension

Without increasing any tax rate, shall the city of Lafayette’s existing 0.25% sales and use tax for open space, known as the legacy tax or as the legacy open space tax, that is currently scheduled to expire on December 31, 2024, be extended indefinitely, with the revenue from the legacy open space tax to continue to be used specifically (1) for the purpose of acquisition by the city of land for use as open space, with the decision as to what particular parcels of land, in what locations, and in what priority to be made by the city council; and (2) for the purpose of maintenance by the city of its open space lands, and, in conjunction therewith, to pay bonds or multiple-fiscal year financial obligations for either of such purposes; and with the revenue from the legacy open space tax and any investment earnings thereon to constitute a voter-approved revenue and spending change under, to be collected and spent each year without limitation by the revenue and spending limits of, and without limiting the collection or spending of other revenues or funds by the city under, article x, section 20 of the Colorado constitution or any other law?Major Provisions:Voting “YES” for this issue will continue the current 0.25% sales tax for the purchase and maintenance of Open Space in Lafayette. No additional taxes will be levied.Background:This “Legacy Open Space Tax” has allowed Lafayette already to purchase 579 acres of open space in the past decade, including the recent purchase of the Mayhoffer farm property. Since the 1980’s, this sales tax and its extensions, allowed the purchase of a total of 1,370 acres to date. An additional 587 acres of land have been identified for future purchase.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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Those in favor say:

1. Land development in and around Lafayette is growing so preservation of open space is essential. Open space contributes to the high quality of life in Lafayette; protects wildlife habitat and sensitive stream ecosystems; provides space for local agriculture; and serves as a buffer between Lafayette, and Erie and Louisville.

2. This is not an additional sales tax, but a continuation of a current tax, which will provide a guaranteed source of ongoing funding to purchase available lands and maintain current and future open space lands.
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