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City of Lima Council - 7th Ward - Term Commences 01/01/18

City Council members must be a resident of their respective Ward. Council Members are to ensure the city fulfills its duties under the law and lawfully exercises its powers. They act as liaisons between the city and the general public. Their concerns are the conduct of the daily affairs of the city and also the future development of the city. They have authority over the administrative affairs in the city and legislating for the city.Salary:$12,115.
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    C. Ann Miles Retired (Whirlpool-Finance)

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    Jon Neeper Funeral Director

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1. What changes do you expect to occur in the 7th Ward in the next 10 years, and how will your leadership impact that change?

2. List major safety issues you see in your ward and describe how you will deal with those issue.

3. Although council members are elected to represent a specific ward, decisions made by the council as a whole impact the entire city. What qualifies you to represent your ward and also function as a member of council and make decisions for the good of the entire city?

Current Occupation Retired
Education Bluffton University - BA in Accounting and Business Administration
Training & Experience Lima City School Board - Past President. Currently serving on the Board of 3 Non-Profit organizations.
Blight has become a reality in this area.. The deterioration of homes and neighborhoods is a huge problem. Many homes in Lima were built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Several constituents have lived in their homes for 40-50 years and wish to remain there. However, they are frustrated with homes around them, now occupied by renters, not being maintained. They reminisce of the neighborhood that was once well kept, but now filled with deteriorating homes. I have visited these owners and heard their concerns. I will continue to fight by keeping the problem of blight a topic of concern to the Mayor, Administration and Council as a whole. My support of the Land Bank and advocating for constituents has resulted in one dilapidated property being placed on the list for teardown. I will work toward seeing more vacant homes fixed up or torn down in this ward. In addition, I will work with Council to seek fair legislation for non-compliant landlords, holding them accountable for their properties
With the opioid/heroin epidemic at an all-time high. The drug epidemic has caused an increase in robberies, break-ins, thief, etc. Several break-ins have occurred in the 7th Ward. Items from garages and back yards have been reported stolen by residents. Again, I believe this increase is the result of addicts looking for items to sell to support their habits. An increase in Safety Services personnel would be helpful. Increased communication to residents at Neighborhood Assoc. meetings, warning residents to be aware, have been done . As a member of the Finance Committee, I will support and advocate for funds to add additional law enforcement and equipment as needed and as the City Budget allows.

The continuing growth of the University of Northwestern Ohio (UNOH) have residents voicing concerns about student housing and car/truck drag racing safety issues. Complaints have been voiced to UNOH personnel, and solutions are on-going with UNOH staff, landlords and code enforcement.
It is a humbling experience to serve the community in which I was raised. I have served in various capacities in the city for 30+ years, 10 years on Lima City School Board, two years as Board President. I love my community and desire to "Make A Difference". As a team player, I am a good listener, at times willing to change my opinion/thoughts (without compromising my character, morals) for the sake of consensus/agreement during committee and Council discussions. My visibility in the community make me very accessible. As I serve throughout the community, I get the awesome opportunity to learn more about our city and interact with people from all walks of life. These interactions make me a more informed Council member. As the face of Council, I vow my best in serving my constituents. I believe my four years on Council has proved I am a person who show respect for others, carry myself in a professional manner and work well with Council members and administration.
Current Occupation Chiles & Sons Laman Funeral Homes
Education The Ohio State University; BA, Mortuary Science, Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science
Training & Experience Member of Westgate Neighborhood Association, St. Gerard Church, Knights of Columbus, Ohio Funeral Directors Association
(419) 303-2398
I was born and raised in the 7th Ward and have lived here the past 20 years. I have been a member of the Westgate (and now defunct) Crestwood Neighborhood Associations that whole time. When I moved a few years ago, I didn’t even look at other areas of the City. This is my home. The 7th Ward has the most retail-based economy of Lima’s wards. Much of this retail has closed or moved over the last several years. The City of Lima has contributed to this decline through a non-responsive building & zoning department, a hyper-vigilant income tax department, and hidden utilities taxes on businesses. As a City Councilor, I will fight for the real creators of jobs in our community, small business owners. I work at a local small business and have seen firsthand the issues that these job creators encounter when they work with the City of Lima that they do not encounter when they work with one of the surrounding townships. The City cannot continue to vilify those who work or create work for others.
Lima must devote more resources to combating the opiate epidemic in our community. City leaders seem more interested in playing the "blame game" then actually fixing the issue. As Councilor, I will advocate using CDBG dollars to leverage private investment to fund real, proven treatment solutions that tackle the opiate epidemic. Second, any successful enforcement initiative must be focused on the source rather than the users. A portion of the City’s large carryover balance should be placed in a proprietary account with one purpose: funding aggressive police targeting of opiate dealers in our community.

One of the safety issues unique to the 7th Ward is the location of schools on major thoroughfares. The City needs to press Lima City Schools to apply for a Safe Routes to School grant through ODOT to make it safer for our children to walk or ride bikes to school at Heritage Elementary as well as ramp up speed enforcement along Jameson Avenue. The first accident will be one too many!
I believe that City Councilors are elected to be representatives of the ward and not simply delegates. Constituents elect their Councilor to conduct the background research and make a decision on legislation on their behalf, not to conduct a straw poll every time a controversial piece of legislation comes across our docket. In these situations, I will evaluate all sides of the legislation and vote accordingly, but as a general rule I believe that what is best for all wards and all residents of Lima is where my duty lies. In fact, one of my main reasons for running is my belief that Lima needs to stop operating as competing factions and start doing what is best for the long-term growth and prosperity of our entire community. Only then will the 7th Ward recognize its fullest potential. logo


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