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The Mountainside Borough Council is the governing body of the municipality and is comprised of elected officials. They establish the laws and policies for the Borough. An elected Mountainside Borough Council member serves a three year term.A Candidates Forum will be held on Tuesday, October 10th at 7;30pm in the Municipal Building.
  • Deanna Andre (Rep)

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    Lauren Cook (Dem) Business Owner

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    Carlos Gomez (Dem) 1st Responder and Realtor

  • Keith Turner (Rep)

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Mountainside celebrates that we have lower taxes than surrounding towns. However, some residents are questioning the level of services they are receiving from the Borough (lack of bulk pick-up, sidewalks, etc.). Do you believe we are getting a fair value for our taxes? Why or why not?

Do you think the Borough Council has been communicating sufficiently concerning the issues and challenges facing the Borough? How do you propose to ensure transparency, accessibility and responsiveness to the public if elected?

Name an ordinance or regulation that should be eliminated and why? (optional)

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Education B.A. Sarah Lawrence College
We've seen a substantial increase in taxes over the years without an increase in services. I'd like to see the Council look at ways to reduce taxes and provide additional services.
I'd like to see the Borough offer more ways to let residents know what decisions are being considered and offer them more ways to participate in the conversation. I propose regular communications in a variety of media, such as newsletters in digital and print formats, better use of the Borough web site and social media, and more opportunities to discuss issues, propose ideas and solutions and understand the decision-making processes that are used by the Council.
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We believe that it's time for a fresh set of eyes to be placed on the Mountainside budget; we have concerns that the percentage increases in the budget over the last ten years have far exceeded neighboring towns and have not either been explained adequately and have not resulted in more robust service. We want to insure that Mountainside residents are receiving the best value possible for their tax dollars.
Besides the Borough's current social media page, we have to explore new options to get information out to residents that are not active on social media sites. I plan on communicating with other elected officials in nearby communities and explore new ways to communicate to the public.
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