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Issue 14 Proposed Tax Levy (Renewal) Reily Township

Proposed Tax Levy (Renewal) Reily Township.A renewal of a tax for the benefit of Reily Township for the purpose of providing and maintaining fire apparatus, appliances, buildings, or sites therefor, or sources of water supply and materials therefor, or the establishment and maintenance of lines of fire alarm telegraph, or the payment of permanent, part-time, or volunteer firefighters or firefighting companies to operate the same, including the payment of the firefighter employers’ contribution required under section 742.34 of the Revised Code, or the purchase of ambulance equipment, or the provision of ambulance, paramedic, or other emergency medical services operated by a fire department or firefighting company at a rate not exceeding two and seventy-five hundredths (2.75) mills for each one dollar of valuation, which amounts to twenty-seven and five-tenths cents ($0.275) for each one hundred dollars of valuation, for a period of five (5) years, commencing in 2018, first due in calendar year 2019PRO This is a 5 year renewal for the fire and life squad of Reily Township. It is a volunteer department that does not charge for runs. They try to replace and update equipment with the each 5 year renewal.CON: We are now paying too much in taxes.
  • Yes - For the Measure

  • No - Against the Measure

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