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Issue 5 Proposed Charter Amendment

Proposed Charter AmendmentCity of OxfordA majority affirmative vote is necessary for passage. Shall the Charter of the City of Oxford, Ohio, be amended by:removing the following:Section 2.13 regarding police and fire personnel not being required to deliver agendas and other mail;Section 2.14 regarding Westgate Drive being maintained as a cul-de-sac; Section 9.07 regarding watchers and challengers for regularly nominated candidates;Section 9.08 regarding the election of candidates;Section 10.01 regarding the oath of office for officers and employees;Section 11.02 regarding the continuation of ordinances;Sections 11.03, 11.04, and 11.06 regarding the continuation of officers, employees, contracts and public improvements after adoption of the Charter; Section 11.05 regarding transferring of public records and property upon termination of tenure of office or employment for officers and employees; Section 11.07 regarding pending actions and proceedings that were in place at the time of the adoption of the CharterSection 11.08 regarding when the Charter took effect when it was adopted; andrevising the following:Section 3.02 to provide that ordinances be introduced in the form required for final adoption and to update the language of the enacting clause of an ordinance; Section 3.04 to provide that ordinances passed by Council should be published by placing the ordinance on the City’s website and in not less than three of the most public places in the City for a period of not less than 10 days and further providing that failing to publish as stated does not invalidate any ordinance;Section 3.06 to remove the requirement that six copies of all model or standard codes adopted by Council be available in the office of the Clerk of Council, to remove the requirement that additional copies be available for sale, and to provide that one copy of all model or standard codes adopted by Council be available for viewing at the City offices;Section 5.06 to provide that Council appoints a Director of Finance for an indefinite term, that the Director of Finance is the fiscal officer of the City and is responsible for the accounting, collecting, and disbursing of public funds, that the Director of Finance countersigns all bonds and notes issued by the City, and that the Director of Finance will perform other functions as assigned by ordinance and the City Manager;Article VIII and Section 8.09 to replace all references to Civil Service Commission with references to Personnel Appeals Board;Section 8.01 to provide for a Personnel Appeals Board, comprised of three qualified electors of the City, and establishing their terms, appointment process for full terms or to fill vacancies as well as declare that the City and the Personnel Appeals Board do not have jurisdiction over and are not obligated to perform any duties with regard to the employees of the Talawanda City School District;Section 8.02 to provide that the Personnel Appeals Board serves without compensation, hears appeals from any nonexempt employee or applicant who has successfully completed a probationary period, has the power to subpoena witnesses and require the production of documents, that all decisions of the Board are final, and that the Board has the power to hear and determine appeals of disciplinary actions, suspensions, demotions, or removals of employees if not resolved upon a hearing and determination by the City Manager; Section 11.01 to provide that the City is the legal successor of the Village of Oxford and therefore has title to all property owned by its predecessor and that adoption and amendments to the Charter do not impair rights vested in the City nor discharge liability previously incurred by the City; and3. adding the following:Section 5.03 to provide that Council has the authority to adopt personnel ordinances or rules and regulations which, if in conflict with the laws of the State of Ohio, prevail; to provide that all appointments and promotions of City employees shall be based on merit; to provide the exempt and classified positions of the City; and to provide conditions and authority for the City Manager for the appointment, promotion, demotion and removal of classified City employees? YesNoPRO The League of Women Voters of Oxford has from their early (1963) study supported the Home Rule Charter.The city works better when it’s mechanism is studied by a committee that recommends updates. CON. The city charter has served the city well in the last 10 years and there is no reason to revisit it.
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