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Greene County Town Council - Stanardsville 24

The Town Council’s primary responsibilities are setting policies for the general safety and welfare of Stanardsville citizens. Each June it adopts an annual budget for the fiscal year setting out its estimated revenues and expenditures and detailing its operating expenses for the coming year. The Town does not have a property tax on its residents separate from the personal and real property taxes required by the county.In addition to conducting the Town’s business and providing services for the benefit of its citizens, the Town Council’s primary objective is to promote economic development by supporting current businesses and encouraging new retail and commercial growth.The Town Council is composed of five members, including the Mayor, who are elected to serve four-year terms. The next election is in November, 2018
  • Robert M. Bongers II (I)

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    Jennifer A. Ziros (I) Teacher

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Biography Jennifer A. Ziros has been a resident of Virginia for 36 years, and a member of the Stanardsville community for 7 years.This is her 11th year teaching Biology. She volunteers in her community, organizing the July 4th parade and celebration.
This is my 4th year volunteering on the Town's July 4th parade committee.I believe in supporting our local economy and small businesses.I am currently the interim councilwoman, gaining experience working with Town Council.I am a property owner in Stanardsville and have a vested interest in the Town's well-being and day to day operations. As a teacher, I have skills in organization, communication & management.I hope to work with Town Council and the Town's citizens to help our community thrive.
The first priority is to ensure the needs of our citizens are met. Town Council should promote and manage the current Community Development Block Grant and Streetscape improvement projects. We need to enlist strong community support for these projects and seek out opportunities to bring grants to our community. Town Council should promote tourism and encourage citizens to patronize our local businesses. I believe in balancing necessary growth with maintaining our small-town identity.
Funding is crucial. We are one of the few towns that does not have a town tax. We rely on grants, fundraising efforts, and the generous support of our citizens and volunteers. Town Council needs focus on the Town's Comp Plan and Capital Improvement Plan which provide Stanardsville with the opportunity to apply for grants to improve our community. We need to continue fostering relationships with the county government and local civic groups and continue to work toward common goals. logo


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