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Ronald Wastewater District Commissioner Position No. 5

6-year term; No Salary A Wastewater District is responsible for the maintenance and operation of the sewer and other wastewater facilities within their jurisdiction and of the proper disposal of sewage generated by the jurisdiction. The commission sets the general policies of the district, which are implemented by the hired professional staff. The commission sets the rates for service within the district. One of commission's main duties is the adoption of the district's budget and proposal of any Wastewater district levies to be placed on the ballot to the people. The commission sets policies and approves all spending via the budget, whether for operations or capital items or public facility maintenance and improvements. The council also sets salaries for district employees.
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    Paul Barrera (NP) Business and Tax Lawyer

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    Wes Brandon (NP) Dental Technician

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Why did you decide to run for this position?

What are three major issues facing your wastewater district?

Of the three, which one is the most urgent, and why?

What unique qualities do you bring to this job?

Town where you live Shoreline
Experience (300 characters max) Paul leads a team of legal professionals that improve the community by helping local businesses that bring value and character. Paul also helps others understand and assert their rights under the law. In private practice and in public life, Paul brings good judgment, transparency, and independence.
I want to help the Ronald Wastewater District responsibly grow this community. I want to help Ronald Wastewater grow the community to reflect our diversity. As a Latino, I want to bring some diversity to the Ronald Wastewater District, as the current commissioners do not reflect the diversity of our community. I have been a leader in the Latino legal community, where I serve Latino clients, as well as vet judges for office as a member of the judicial evaluation committee. My diverse leadership experience will bring Ronald Wastewater a fresh perspective on how to responsibly grow this community to reflect who we are as a community.
The three major issues facing Ronald Wastewater are the need for good judgment, transparency, and independence. First, I will bring good judgment to the Ronald Wastewater District. The Ronald Wastewater District should vigorously review its contracts with law firms to see where legal spend could be reduced, and the savings appropriated to low income and senior discounts. Second, Paul will bring transparency to the Ronald Wastewater Commissioner meetings. The practice of open meetings needs to be observed as the rule, and Executive Sessions observed as an exception to the open meeting rule. Third, Paul will bring independence to the Ronald Wastewater District. The Ronald Wastewater District, as its own independent utilities district, deserves vigorous representation in serving its own needs, to be represented alongside those of neighboring communities. As Commissioner, Paul will bring the good judgment, transparency, and independence that the Ronald Wastewater District needs.
The most urgent issue is the massive outlay of ratepayer funds for unnecessary legal costs. Ronald Wastewater has wasted hundreds of thousands of ratepayer dollars on downtown lawyers to schedule meetings and serve as liaison with the City of Shoreline. Paul is a business and tax lawyer who regularly advises individuals, businesses, and trusts and estates on how to minimize their legal spend and maximize the best outcome. The Ronald Wastewater District should vigorously review its contracts with law firms to see where legal spend could be reduced, and the savings appropriated to low income and senior discounts. As Commissioner, Paul will bring that good judgment to the Ronald Wastewater District to reduce legal spend, use the savings to increase discounts, and ensure smooth relationships with other government agencies and private sector entities.
Paul is a listener, a planner, and a local business owner. Before Paul makes a decision, he listens to his team, to his clients, and to his family. Before Paul commits to a long-term plan, he carefully considers the possible outcomes at each step of the way. And before Paul opened his business, he researched other options, and found that this community was the best place to live and work. Paul will bring his listening skills, enthusiasm for planning, and entrepreneurial attitude to the Ronald Wastewater District. And with Paul's good judgement, commitment to transparency, and independence, Paul will be the Commissioner the Ronald Wastewater District needs. This November 7, 2017, vote Paul for Commissioner No. 5, Ronald Wastewater District.
Address Same as above
Phone 206-353-2347
Town where you live Shoreline
Experience (300 characters max) I have been serving as Ronald Wastewater District Commissioner # 5 since I was appointed in June. During this time I have spent many hours at training conferences and meetings in order to develop my knowledge and skills in the public management of a wastewater utility.
I have always been a proponent of public service and during the time my children were in the Shoreline schools I spent a lot of time volunteering. My children have both graduated and moved on and when I was asked to apply for a vacancy on the board, I did. I was honored to be chosen to fill the seat and have worked to get up to speed on the issues at hand and contribute. Moving forward I would like to help guide and monitor the transition of the district into the city to ensure that our ratepayers continue to be well served into the future.
The three major issues facing our wastewater district are the seamless assumption of the district by the City of Shoreline, planning for future growth and financial stability. Ronald Wastewater has done a good job managing it's resources and serving it's customers for the past sixty-six years and has been able to maintain a high level of service and customer satisfaction. This reputation needs to be maintained as the process of assumption unfolds over the next few years and I pledge to make sure that everyone in our service area continues to be well served. As density increases in the service area, planning for future growth needs to keep pace. The two new light rail stations will create a demand for services and it is imperative we meet those needs in order to keep our water and environment clean. We also need to budget responsibly and manage our assets wisely to keep rates and fees affordable for all.
The assumption into the City of Shoreline is the most urgent as the transition will begin in late October. The Ronald Wastewater District Board will need to be vigilant in it's oversight during the transition. It will be our role to set policies and help the city develop best practices as the assumption moves ahead. We will need to make sure service and maintenance levels are maintained at the current level and budgeting and asset management provide fiscal prudence and keep rates affordable.
I have had a wide variety of experiences with a number of different groups that gives me a unique perspective on problem solving and working with others to reach a goal. The variety of jobs has helped me learn how to look at things from different points of view and create an equitable pathway toward a resolution that meets the needs of those involved. This has also taught me to listen and collaborate with those around me to find the better way. I am also very determined, some might say stubborn, when it comes to completing the task at hand and done to the best of my ability. If you vote for me and I am elected on November 7, I will serve the ratepayers of the Ronald Wastewater District with dedication, honesty and persistence and wish to thank everyone in advance for their vote and trust. logo


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