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Westlake City Council, Ward 4

Term: 4 yearsSalary: $15,600 (2018)Incumbent Michael F. O'Donnell is running unopposed.
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    Michael O'Donnell Westlake Counciman

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What should be done by the city regarding the ongoing deer problem? What is your personal view about handling the problem?

What is your opinion of Westlake's exploration of other water suppliers? What should be budgeted to handle related legal costs that could be incurred?

How should the city deal with increased traffic on Center Ridge Road because of the planned elementary school campus?

Does--or can--the city have any input on issues of parking and traffic flow within Crocker Park?

Age 62
Education Case Western Univ. Master Business Cert., George Washington Univ.. Master Cert. , Cleveland State Univ.. B.A., Cuyahoga Community College, Associates, St. Edward High School
Current occupation Director of Information Systems American Greetings Corporation
Qualifications for office 18 years as Westlake Ward 4 Councilman
Campaign Phone (440) 777-7814
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I co-authored an ordinance to initiate a culling program for the city. The safety forces are currently administering the program and have removed 50 deer in 2016 - 2017. We plan to expand the program to increase the number of deer in Westlake working with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The goal is to reduce the number of deer motor vehicle accidents and maintain safety for our residnets. I believe we should stop feeding the deer and continue to work with neighboriing communities to reduce the deer population until ODNR determines a level where the deer can survive in their own natural habitat in Westlake without wandering in residnetial yards and streets causing accidents.
I encourge the administration to look for multiple sources of fresh water in an effort to lower the cost of monthly bills for Westlake residents. Multiple suppliers creates options to reduce monthly water costs and changes the model from making Cleveland Water the only source. Hopefully this will stop Cleveland's ability to continue to rasie water rates. Westlake is geographically located at the western edge of Cuyahoga County giving it a unique opportunity to investigate sourcing water from communities in Lorain County. If we have an opportunity to create an atmosphere to lower ongoing water costs, I believe it is our obligation as your representatives to look at ways to reduce your water bills. I believe we should budget for the development of a utility department, construction costs for added waterlines and any legal fees. Together this will be millions of dollars.
The city has already started traffic surveys to look at projected traffic volumes. With the new K-4 elementary school plan, the city also intends to add a traffic signal at Glenmore and Center Ridge Rd. expand the intersection of Dover and Center Ridge with dedicated right turning lanes and add a traffic signal at Westown and Dover Center Road. Center Ridge Rd. will be widened in front of the school and providions are planned to have segregated bus traffic on Westtown and car traffic entering and exiting on Center Ridge Rd. The school administration has also said that they will continuue to improve traffic flow at the middle school on Dover Center once the Dover school has been raised and they can develop a hold loop for traffic on that campus.

With a proposal to develop a new Community Service Center on the Recreation Center Campus, there will be a need to add a traffic signal at the Rec Center Driveway at Center Ridge Rd. This may also call for a crosswalk mid block. With the added lights on Center Ridge and a school zone slowing traffic to 20 mph in the morning and afternoon, I believe the excessive speed on Center Ridge today will be slowed to a safer pace in the future.
Crocker Park is a prvately held business entity. It is a planned mixed use development that has general business, retail shoppoing and entertainment and residential space. The city as a rule should not be regulating traffic on these private streets. Our obligation is to maintain traffic safety on the public streets and right of ways. Crocker Park may employ security or private police to regulate traffic for special events or summer weekend peaks for their own pedestrian and automobile traffic. Most parking was intended to be at no cost, however the meters were for short term shopper convenience. The city does not issue parkiing tickets and I believe any fines from parking violations are donated to charity and not for profit. logo


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