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Albemarle County Board of Supervisors Samuel Miller District

The Code of Virginia provides that each county be governed by a board of supervisors, which is elected by the qualified voters. The Board of Supervisors of Albemarle County is composed of six members, one from each magisterial district. Supervisors are elected for four-year terms which are staggered at two-year intervals. The election of supervisors is held as a part of the State's general election in November of odd-numbered years. At the first meeting of the year, the Board organizes itself and selects one of its members to serve as chairman and another to serve as vice-chairman.
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    John C. Lowry (Rep) Retired

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    Lizbeth A. Palmer (Dem) veterinarian

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Given that the City and the County are both heavily involved in the urban area, what can they do to work more seamlessly together, so that the school system, the public safety entities, and the utilities could operate more efficiently?

A DEQ report and a Stream/Watch study estimate that only about 30% of the streams within the County are healthy by Virginia water standards. What steps would you support to improve local water quality?

How do you see the balance between expanding economic development in the county that diversifies our tax base and the impact that such economic development will have on population growth, traffic, schools, etc?

Campaign Phone (434) 296-4695
Biography Grew up in Williamsburg, VA. Graduated College of William & Mary. Married and moved with the former Nancy Feil to Charlottesville. Worked in Securities for 35 years. Three children and six grandchildren. Long list of community work including County.
existing structures doing essentially the same thing. Many Utility functions are Merged School administrations are like putting two businesses together that do the same thing. Any business leader or business academic would immediately find merging reasonable. Perhaps picking a future date and then working towards that date would be a reasonable approach. Similarly with Police, Fire and Rescue, the area has two already overlapping. A merger of all three functions is a business like solution.
The studies mentioned regarding water quality are not recent. Most of the streams and rivers got passing grades. Raw sewage from the city that overflows to the Rivanna and poor and failing septic tanks in the county are much bigger problems than talking about 100’ set backs on farm lands bordering streams, in my opinion. I respect property rights of those who own the land. If reasonable guidelines continue to be discussed I believe property owners will raise their own water standards.
population, good jobs, better traffic management and more taxes for schools because we do not have a working Economic Development Office. Albemarle County needs leadeRight now there is no balance. Albemarle County has no Economic Development. We do not have an Economic Development Director. There are funds for staff but only one staff person who is titled a "facilitator". The county is missing out on proper management of rship and management to get us into balance. We lack impact benefits!
Campaign Phone (434) 218-3618
Biography Dr. Palmer is a veterinarian, small business owner, citizen activist and mom. She lives in Ivy with her husband and their dog Alice. Her children attended Albemarle County Public Schools. She has represented the Samuel Miller District on the Board of
Elected officials should keep in mind that “the City” refers to the community not individuals in government. Charlottesville isn’t just the hole in our donut; it’s the core of our region for economic, social and cultural pursuits. Having the county office building inside the City is one of our best cooperation assets in terms of staff interactions and projects, with informal lunches and short-notice meetings. Keeping the COB downtown is a simple solution. Public safety workers coordinate wel
There is a direct correlation between residential housing density and stream health. Therefore keeping our rural areas rural is one of the best things we can do for healthy streams. I support the Soil and Water Conservation District’s new septic tank assistance program and efforts to develop alternative watering sites for farm animals. The County should make it a priority to enforce existing buffer rules, which are currently inspected on a complaint-only basis. But imposing from on high is nev
We have a 3.6% unemployment rate. New large employers will bring in new residents especially if the new employer requires technical skills not locally available. This increases pressure on schools and roads. Growing local businesses and more technical training to ready residents for better paying jobs will best address job development needs. Since Virginia local governments depend heavily on real estate tax, redevelopment of underutilized sites in the urban area to increase revenue per acre w logo


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