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School board members interpret state law related to the school district, establish policies that will help the local schools and the students attending and are the overseers of the school district budget. The board hires and fires administrators and teachers and support personnel. School boards should develop long-term plans, set high instructional standards and establish assessments that review the quality of the district’s programs, faculty, staff and students. Board members must live within the district.
  • Steve Calcei warehouse manager

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    Julie M. Kline Horticulturist

  • Randy M. Porter

  • Amanda Seiler

  • Christine Tuel Economic Assistant

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What are the current challenges facing your school district and how would you address them?

Age 53
Education Field HS 1982 University of Akron 3 years
Funding continues to be the major issue facing most schools and Field is no different. As expenses outpace revenue we are constantly looking for ways to save money and keep the district in the black as long as possible. Hopefully future development and passage of the levy will allow us to return some of programs and services the community wants and allow us to begin longer term planning
Age 45
Education Bachelor Of Applied Horticulture Kent State Dec 2014 Associate of Horticulture Technology Kent State May 2015
Training & Experience Board Candidate Webinar Sept. 2017 Kent State Horticulture Club - President 2012-2013 Ohio Veterans' Memorial Park Board Member 2005-2009
Our district is facing financial difficulties, the inability to pass levies, students leaving for other districts, poor standards ratings (meeting 4 of 24; Indicators Met grade F) and decision making that, at times, is not in the best interest of the school and students. When talking to parents during football practice one evening, I was astounded at how many parents are active in their child's sporting events but are not active in their child's academic success due to being unregistered to vote. We must pull our parents and guardians together, getting them more involved in academic decision making by encouraging them to register and vote. Taking an active role in voting could increase our chances of passing levies. Passing levies would increase our financial stability, while potentially keeping more of our students enrolled in our own district because we would have more to offer them. With offerings of additional programs our state standards rating has the potential to increase.
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Candidate has not yet responded.
Age 55
Education 1980 Field High School Graduate, 1984 University of Akron, B.S. Business Administration/Marketing Communications
Training & Experience 4-H Advisor/volunteer - 10 years, Girl Scout Leader - 5 years, Substitute Teacher – Field, Mogadore, Springfield - 3 years, Suffield PTA Treasurer – 2 years, Retail Management – 12 years, Employer required training: confidentiality, cyber security, human trafficking
The need for more community engagement is a challenge that affects our district. The schools are a vital part of the community and act as a hub for many youth activities. In order to serve everyone to the best of our ability and resolve district issues, we need to increase engagement, establish trust, and encourage two-way communication with our residents.

How do we go about doing this? Working with the community, we need help answering some questions. What kind of academics are desired? What services are important? What funding level is necessary to reach these goals? Using this information, we need to develop a multi-year strategic plan for the district. Once the plan is complete, we can focus our efforts on solving the district challenges together.

I graduated from Field in 1980, my children in 2014 & 2017. While times have changed, academics at Field Local have remained a priority. We must continue this tradition of education for our children, our future and our society. logo


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