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Each township shall have three elected trustees, serving staggered terms of four years as the law-enacting body for all township business.The trustees can establish policies for the township area, consider zoning and prepare a budget for the year. If needed, the trustees can consider appointing a township administrator with approval of voters. The trustees oversee police and fire operations and make day-to-day decisions in the township’s best interests.
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    Gary L. Horning Properties and other interests

  • Roger Klodt Retired

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    Susan White Realtor

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What are your thoughts regarding funding the infrastructure needs of your community?

Education Graduate of Waterloo High School / Akron University - Construction Technology / Kent State - Accounting
Training & Experience Construction Industry - Roads and Bridges / Commercial & Residential Building / Environmental - Remediation & Inspection
We have good funding for our roads, ( thanks to the township residents support ) the road equipment is up to date and our roads are second to none in the county. I would like to work with the County to improve the county roads in the township. Working together much can happen. / Our township buildings are in good shape although the exterior of the Town Hall needs some attention. This funding comes from the general fund and through wise spending and saving this to could be addressed. / Our Parks I believe need some additional funding and I would look to working with other entities to fund our Parks.
Age 64
Education Waterloo High School Graduate. Life--64 years.
Training & Experience Manager of a multi million dollar Chevrolet parts dept for 44 years Randolph Twp Trustee for 12 years
In Randolph Township,Our infrastructure needs are funded by our general property taxes. In addition,we have a separate road levy,a fire levy and an ems levy. I believe this is sufficient. We are careful to spend every dollar as efficiently as possible to get the most value. We are also constantly looking for grants to help with every department. I do not believe any new levies are required to fund our infrastructure needs.
Age 58
Education Some classes at Kent State. Hondros , real estate law, and 18 years of continuing education
Training & Experience Trustee for the past 7 years 9 months. On LEPC, EMA, Mental Health Boards, Portage Prepares, Portage Planning, and several other County based committees. My schedule is flexible. Assuring that Randolph & Townships needs are represented and communicated to the County.
Randolph is blessed to have a great group of people that are heavily invested and involved in their community. Because of this we have a community center, senior center, digital sign and many things that have been donated. Funds are tight. We have to be fiscally responsible. When I started as trustee our carry over was significantly less than it is now. We are trying to build all of our funds and maintain what we have. I would like to have a permanent restroom at the Middle School Park and a more up to date playground that meets all the safety requirements. (Would like to achieve this through donations and volunteerism). Many people have commented on what great shape our township roads are. We are going to strive to maintain and insure the safety of our workers. We will be paving the community parking lot soon and are working with the county to make sure some drainage issues are addressed. I love Randolph and am grateful to everyone here that helps make Randolph a better place. logo


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