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Each township shall have three elected trustees, serving staggered terms of four years as the law-enacting body for all township business.The trustees can establish policies for the township area, consider zoning and prepare a budget for the year. If needed, the trustees can consider appointing a township administrator with approval of voters. The trustees oversee police and fire operations and make day-to-day decisions in the township’s best interests.
  • Debra Blake Retired Army Nurse Corp (Major)

  • Steven F. Pancost

  • Kathleen S. Schulda

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What are your thoughts regarding funding the infrastructure needs of your community?

Age 60
Education Graduated Crestwood HS 1975, Akron Univ Baccalaureate in Nursing 1983, and Univ. of Phoenix with Masters in Health Admin 2002.
Training & Experience US Air Force Corpsman 1975-79, Army Reserve Officer--Heavy Equipment (HEM) and Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical (NBC) Officer 1979-1983, Army Nurse Corp Officer 1984-2000, and Rating Veteran Service Officer assisting Vets in Compensation and Pension claims retired 2013
In Hiram Township, Portage County, Ohio, the continued need for infrastructure improvements, and the sustainability of those improvements need to be shared. The need of these improvements is great.

The State, County, and Township receives income and sales taxes from all of its citizens. These taxes are distributed to the cities and townships by the State and County. This redistribution is done in an unfair method that gives differing monetary values from township to township. This method of redistribution results in diverting Hiram Township tax $ to larger towns and cities in Portage County.

The large and small businesses, farmers, and all Hiram residents continue to see our tax dollars unfairly redistributed. All Portage County citizens need, and should have equal monetary representation.

I would support increased appropriation of local, County, & State taxes be returned to Hiram. This increase would support the stabilization of our local taxes in the Hiram community.
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Age 67
Education High school Cosmetology School
Training & Experience Owned business for 25 yrs with 25 employees. Advanced Business classes. Motivational speaking classes. Hiram township Trustee for 8 yr. Emergency management classes.
We are a small county township. Rural Residential and agricultural community. We have no industry no central water or sewer. Our major concerns are up keep of Roads. The condition is kept up with a program of chip & seal on a regular basis. We do snow removal to keep roads clear for the Residences and use Road Salt when needed. logo


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