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Each township shall have three elected trustees, serving staggered terms of four years as the law-enacting body for all township business.The trustees can establish policies for the township area, consider zoning and prepare a budget for the year. If needed, the trustees can consider appointing a township administrator with approval of voters. The trustees oversee police and fire operations and make day-to-day decisions in the township’s best interests.
  • Chris Diehl Retired

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    John L. Hayes Auctioneer

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    Jeneen Kubala Retired

  • Cody O'Shields Mechanic and Salesman at P.R. Golf Cart Sales

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    Tim Pfile Randolph Township Road Department

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What are your thoughts regarding funding the infrastructure needs of your community?

Age 63
Education Southeast High School (1973 graduated)
Training & Experience Worked for Edinburg Twp for 35 years. Served on the Edinburg Fire Dept. for 28 years. Life long resident of Edinburg.
We need to apply for all available grants, But we need to understand that there are not very many grants for small townships. So we must try very hard to take care of ourself as much as possible.
Age 64
Education Graduated from Southeast High School
Training & Experience One term Edinburg Township Trustee & Board of zoning appeals for 15 years.
In my first terms as a trustee, I have learned the importance of seeking and obtaining the federal and state grants that are available to our township. I believe the replacement of our outdated equipment is necessary to maintain our roads, cemetery, park and the general appearance of our community. The fire department has been working with a professional grant writer who will now also help to accomplish this for the other township departments. When accomplished, the assistance from grants will surely extend the tax payers contributions and enhance Edinburgh Township.
Education Attended Kent State University
Training & Experience Leadership in Advisory Board, Church Treasurer, Human Resource Administration for Automotive Manufacturer for 46 years, Resident of Edinburg Twp for 39 years
My thoughts on infrastructure funding, as a Trustee, be an advocate for the Township by looking into other financial areas i.e., the Local Government Fund, Federal and State grants, in order to expand our limited revenue sources to positively impact our infrastructure needs. Be a good steward of our monies and communicate with all Township employees concerning the monies allotted to projects and operations. Communicate with the County and State on all the roadways that are shared in the Township. Communicate with the residents on preventative maintenance needs and stress that large road projects are tough financially, but all the roads must be maintained with more than just cosmetics in mind. Implement a 5 Year Preventative Maintenance Plan to keep the 14.94 miles of Township roadways in the best condition possible.
Age 22
Education Southeast High School Kent State University: Bachelor's of Business Management degree Associates of the Arts degree
Training & Experience Currently Work at P.R. Sales as mechanic and salesman for 7 years. Work together with others to find solutions to difficult problems. Work closely with the public. Worked as an store fixture installation crew member 2013-2016 Managed a work crew of 3-6 people.
The biggest issue to keep in mind in northeast Ohio is the condition of our roads. Our winters can be harsh here, and that can cause the weathering and deteriation of our roads and bridges. I believe that it is important that we keep up with the maintenance of our roads and bridges. If roads are not maintained, they will continue to crack up and fall apart due to freezing and thawing during the winter, and the cost to repair the road will continue to increase. I believe normal maintenance and lower costs are better and more manageable than massive bills that come about every 5 years or so. It is also imperative that we keep an eye on the condition of our bridges, as to keep Edinburg residence safe. Inspections are a must to insure that our bridges are secure and to monitor any issues discovered and repair if necessary. Bottom line is that we can take care of our infrastructure today by completing routine maintenance, or ignore the state of our infrastructure and pay the price for it.
Age 49
Education Graduate of Field High School (Class of '87)
Training & Experience 29 Years Experience in Road Department working with the Randolph Board of Trustees, Commercial Driver's License, Commercial Applicator License from the Ohio Dept. of Agriculture
Good stewardship involves planning. It is necessary to spend money in a thoughtful manner to maintain infrastructure to avoid costly unforeseen expenditures. Although avenues of funding for townships are limited, there are options: 1. Grants - helpful but competition is fierce, 2. Tax levies - should be used sparingly due to financial strain on community, 3. Sharing equipment/labor with neighboring communities, 4. Lease to own & Low interest financing - with the cost of a snowplow truck over $100,000 these are important options, and 5. Community outreach. In order to determine which combinations of options is right for Edinburg, I would review the finances, examine the existing infrastructure and make a list the top priorities. I would then develop a short term and long term plan to ensure the viability of the township in a fiscally responsible manner. logo


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