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Ward Councilor Ward 6

The City Council, Newton's legislative branch of municipal government, is made up of 24 members - sixteen at-large Councilors and eight Ward Councilors. Councilors are elected every two years.
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    Richard Blazar Attorney

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    Brenda Noel Social Worker

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Do you support the proposed new City Charter? Why or why not?

Partisanship is at an all-time high in our country: how would you as a city councilor promote civil discourse and engagement on controversial issues in Newton?

What specific, objective criteria would you use to decide whether any site should be rezoned Mixed Use 4 in village commercial centers?

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Campaign Phone (617) 527-5470
Address 196 Morton St., Newton, MA
I do not support the proposed City Charter. We should keep local ward councilors elected only in their ward. In addition, the proposal will result in certain wards of the city having more representation than others. Furthermore, having all twelve city councilors running citywide will substantially raise the cost of running for office which will shrink the pool of candidates. This proposal is likely to lead to special interest slates which will further lessen the diversity of the Council.
As an independent voice on the Council, I believe it is important to start our discussions by listening to both sides and not taking the position that one side is right and the other side is wrong. Hear what the opponent is saying and don't reply by attacking his or her views. Try to see if there is room for agreement on some of the issues, be patient, respect the other side's point of view, and work on seeing if a compromise is possible. We can't back away from uncomfortable topics.
1. Examine the site as to the current zoning. 2. Detail the changes to be made by rezoning the property including buildings, trees, parking spaces, sidewalks, open spaces, etc. 3. Specify how the rezoned district relates to the adjoining sites as to height, density, size, capacity, etc. 4. Look at the traffic patterns before and after the rezoning and how that will effect the area. 5. Find out what the residents and businesses on and close to the site have to say about the proposed rezoning.
Campaign Phone (617) 620-2721
Address 1025 Walnut St., Newton, MA
I am voting yes on the Charter because I trust the process. Nine people from diverse backgrounds were elected by the city at large to review the existing Charter, and make recommendations to strengthen our city government. I appreciate some of the concerns shared with me, and I offer the following assurance: whether I am elected as your Ward rep by my Ward or in the future elected at large, I will continue to be responsive and transparent to my Ward.
Progress moves at the speed of trust. We are divided as a city with many nuanced and complex issues being reduced to simplistic arguments and divisive language.

As a social worker, building consensus among groups of people with differing views is a job requirement. Listening is by far the most important activity I engage in as I learn first-hand the concerns and challenges our community faces.

I will work to find common ground and repair trust within our community.
I would take into account the following: Will this project benefit the city and the immediate community? Does it diversify Newton’s housing stock including affordable housing and increase senior housing options? Would it attract diverse retail and increase walkability in our village centers? Is there good public transit near by? Is the impact on transportation well thought out? Would it provide the residents easy access to amenities such as groceries, pharmacy and community activities? logo


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