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Parma City Council, Ward 6

Term: 2 yearsSalary: $20,540Incumbent Larry Napoli, a Democrat, is being challenged by David Eric Milligan, a Republican.
  • David Eric Milligan (Rep)

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    Larry Napoli (Dem) Councilman City of Parma / Color Technologist - PPG Industries, Inc.

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Age 56
Education Pembroke State Univ. - NC
Current occupation Councilman City of Parma / Color Technologist - PPG Industries, Inc.
Qualifications for office 7 term representative of Ward 6
Campaign Phone (440) 845-4547
Email address
The reasons I ran for Parma city council back in 2003 still exist. I wanted to take an active role in improving the quality of life for our families, increasing safety in our neighborhoods and making sure there is a strong voice on council for my ward in particular. That was not present back then and when I was approached to change that I jumped at the opportunity. My combination of energy, compassion, reliability and accessibility fit what is needed to take on the role of public servant. It is key to realize and remember that as council representatives we are truly Public Servants to our constituents. I have never had a hidden agenda or looked for this position to be only a stepping stone for some political career. This is why I am seeking my eighth straight term as Councilman of Ward 6 in Parma.
In my opinion, the safety of our residents should be the number one priority of any public servant when thinking about what they hope to accomplish while in office. To that end, I will continue to propose and support legislation that offers the resources, funds and tools for our safety forces to keep Parma as one of the safest suburbs in our country. Secondly, I will continue to pursue avenues that will help alleviate flooding and drainage issues that many of our residents face. Nothing is more gut wrenching than receiving a call from a distressed resident that is desperate for help with a flooded basement and has nowhere else to turn. Third on the agenda for me is to institute the best street repair program that we can possibly offer. I will help look into funding from outside sources to offset the limited budget that we have in this area. This past year we were able to increase the amount of streets that got attention and will continue to keep that momentum going.
The biggest challenge for all of us on council is operating with a budget that faces continuous cuts at the state level. While these cuts make us all on council have to do more with less, I realize that they are needed for our taxpayers and appreciated by them as well. That is why it is vital that we look to be creative as legislators to offset the losses to budgets at the municipal level. logo


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