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City of Charleston Council District 10

Election for the City of Charleston Council District 10
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    Harry Joseph Griffin (NP) Project Manager at Neal Brothers Export Packers

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Why do you want to represent the citizens of Charleston on City Council?

Currently the City has established subcommittees to review affordable housing and short-term rental ordinances. While separate issues, both relate to the growth and housing demands facing the City. What is your position on these issues? How should City Council address these issues?

The City recently adopted a 6-month moratorium for James Island, which included provisions to not allow new developments of more than four residential units per acre or larger than 15,000 SF. What is your position on moratoriums? Are they are good mechanisms to control growth issues or not?

How will you prioritize funding for recommendations within the City's Sea Level Rise Strategy Plan based on the many disparate needs within the community? Which specific projects do you see as most pressing to reduce the risk to homes and businesses?

What solutions do you propose to address traffic congestion and transportation concerns in Charleston? Do you support promotion of carpooling (e.g., incentivizing with reduced parking fees)? Please explain.

What is your position on a cruise ship terminal?

What is your position on providing more bicycle lanes in Charleston? If you support providing more bicycle lanes, what steps will you take to provide these lanes?

Do you support repeal of the Heritage Act to allow local governments to manage monuments on their public property in keeping with local community wishes?

Campaign Phone (843) 509-1591
Age 22
Facebook Harry Griffin For City Council
Education The Citadel: The Military College of South Carolina Class of 2016
Experience First time candidate
Candidate Email
I want to serve on City Council to give my constituents the active voice that they desperately deserve. For far too long we have seen complacency and because of that, many ideas are heard, but no action has taken place. The lack of communication has led to many issues, such as increased traffic, overdevelopment, and flooding within the community.
I see the priority and where my focus will be is preventing overdevelopment that is flooding our streets and cramming our roads. There should be development, but in appropriate places that can handle the density, the storm water and the traffic. District 10 at this point is not that place. We need to fix the problems we have. On short-term rentals, I oppose the idea of superseding a committee that has worked for months on this. Hard working citizens have taken the time to research the issue and put together some ideas. I was disappointed to see that city staff crafted regulations instead of the committee itself and was too influential. That is a disservice to the citizens that took a long time to look at an important issue.
Let’s be honest – moratoriums are a result of poor decision-making in the past and a failure to plan. The city should invest in drainage and transportation fixes before doing anything and then invest in infrastructure to ensure the neglect that has happened does not continue. Charlestonians deserve better from their government instead of the neglect and absent leadership we have had.

I’m concerned about District 10. So, I believe the Church Creek Basin and the necessary improvements to help in that area are the utmost priority.
We must invest in transportation improvements. That includes finishing I-526 and building the Glenn McConnell Parkway. We must invest in our infrastructure across the board to improve our way of life.
Working in the maritime industry, I see both positives and negatives as with any issue. I like cruises leaving from and stopping in Charleston and believe it is an important part of the tourism industry, but the issue is the same as with many issues – Charleston failed to invest in the infrastructure to mitigate the growth. We must invest in infrastructure around the terminal to ensure its operation is not a hinderance on businesses.
Where appropriate I will support them, but we should not impede traffic of cars nor be taking away travel lanes for more bike lanes. I support more bike paths then bike lanes.
I am against the repeal of the Heritage Act. If you pretend history did not happen, it will reoccur. We need to make sure we are teaching people and not ignoring history. logo


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