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Virginia Lieutenant Governor

The Lieutenant Governor is a constitutional officer of the Commonwealth of Virginia who is elected every four years along with the Governor and Attorney General. The governor and lieutenant governor are elected separately and thus may be of different political parties.The lieutenant governor serves as the President of the Senate of Virginia and is first in the line of succession to the governor; in the event the governor dies, resigns, or otherwise leaves office, the lieutenant governor becomes governor. Unlike the governor, the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia may run for re-election.
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    Justin E. Fairfax (Dem) Attorney

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    Jill H. Vogel (Rep)

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What changes in the process of redistricting would you support and why? (400 characters)

How would you promote healthcare coverage that is adequate, affordable and accessible for all Virginians? (400 characters)

Explain your top three priorities if elected? (500 characters)

What would you support, such as new or changed regulations, for improving and preserving our environment, such as air and water quality, land preservation, mitigation of recurrent flooding, etc.? (500 characters)

How confident are you that the current requirements for financial disclosure and reporting by candidates and elected officials meet the standards for ethics and transparency? What changes, if any, do you support?

Phone (703) 672-0791
education J.D., Columbia Law School, Columbia Law Review; A.B., Public Policy Studies, Duke University
Experience Counsel, Venable LLP; Former Assistant United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia; Deputy Coordinator of the Northern Virginia Human Trafficking Task Force; 2013 Candidate for Attorney General of Virginia, earned The Washington Post endorsement and more than 48% of the statewide democratic primary vote; Vice-Chair, Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC
I support nonpartisan redistricting in Virginia. As Lt. Governor, I will work with nonpartisan groups to ensure that the voices of the people do not get drowned out by biased and unfair redistricting. I would also review the constitutionality of any legislation passed by the General Assembly on redistricting and advocate for a non-partisan process for redrawing districts.
I will fight to expand Medicaid in Virginia. Currently there are 400,000 Virginians who could receive healthcare coverage under Medicaid expansion. Failing to expand Medicaid has cost Virginia $10.4 billion and 30,000 jobs. I also support expanding health insurance premium tax credits to more Virginians. More people who work should receive high-quality health insurance as an employment benefit.
Economic security for all Virginians: Increase the minimum wage, fill 175,000 well-paying “middle-skills” jobs, and ensure equal pay for equal work. Education: Make higher education affordable, refinance high-interest student loan debt, provide universal Pre-K, and improve our K-12 public education system. Criminal justice reform: Reform juvenile justice, end the "school-to-prison pipeline," prioritize rehabilitation, reduce recidivism rates, and restore the voting rights of returning citizens.
I will prioritize the development and use of renewable energy sources, such as through the Virginia Offshore Wind Development Authority. We also need to dedicate a steady state-level funding source for Chesapeake Bay restoration. I support efforts for Virginia to join regional efforts to reduce greenhouse gases and plan for rising sea levels, because we are already seeing flooding events in Hampton Roads.
I support campaign finance reform in Virginia. Disclosure and reporting by candidates is not sufficient. We do not have contribution limits for state and local campaigns unlike 38 other states and federal campaigns. Unlimited campaign contributions can lead to special interests having undue influence and so I will support legislation that seeks to set contribution limits in state and local races.
education Jill received her J. D. from the DePaul University School of Law after completing her undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary.
Experience Jill Vogel has a proven record of getting results throughout her ten years of service in the Senate of Virginia. As a entrepreneur, Jill started her own successful small business, becoming a nationally-recognized ethics attorney while balancing her duties as a citizen legislator with her responsibilities as a working mom with children in school.
In Virginia’s Senate, I have taken the lead on redistricting reform by introducing legislation and a constitutional amendment requiring districts be fair, compact, and contiguous, as well as prohibit drawing any district to favor a specific person or political party. As Lieutenant Governor, I will continue to support good government policies like the redistricting reforms I proposed in the Senate.
Although most health care policy is now set in Washington following the passage of the Affordable Care Act, Virginia itself can lower costs through compromise on COPN reform, cutting red tape, reducing abusive lawsuits against doctors, expanding telemedicine, fostering healthier lifestyles through education, and ensuring our universities can graduate an appropriate number of medical professionals.
If elected Lieutenant Governor, my top three priorities will be improving our economy through policies which foster job creation and a return to economic growth, strengthening our ethics and transparency laws to restore integrity and trust in public service, and seeking greater efficiency and better outcomes in our delivery of core government services such as transportation, education, and public safety through evidence-based reforms which allocate resources where they do the most good.
In Virginia’s Senate, I have a strong record of supporting land conservation as well as the clean air and water vital to our health, our quality of life, and our economy. If elected, I will continue my work on land conservation and protecting our water quality. I will also work to reduce barriers and prepare for a future where research and innovation reduce our environmental impact through greater adoption of market-rate clean energy technology and development of Virginia’s renewable resources.
Financial disclosure is essential for transparency and I have proudly worked to strengthen ethics in general. I wrote legislation banning personal gifts from lobbyists and special interests, as well as banning the use of campaign funds for personal expenses. I also introduced the Constitutional amendment for independent redistricting, ensuring voters choose their leaders, not the other way around. logo


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