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Southwest Local School District Member Board of Education- unexpired term ending 12/31/19

1 to be elected Unexpired term ending 12/31/2019
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    Tricia Evanson Graduate Student/Domestic goddess

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Education BA in English Education from Brigham Young University, 2002. Working on an MA in Creative Writing from University of Cincinnati.
Occupation I have spent the last 10 years as a full time stay-at-home mom. In the last two years, I have added to that working on a Master's Degree and serving on the Southwest School Board.
Experience I am a former high school English teacher, an active PTA board member and former president, and a passionate advocate for education as a crucial part of our democracy.
As a former educator, a current parent of kids in our schools, and a lifelong volunteer, I bring a broad perspective to my work on the school board. And if sheer excitement and passion for education is a qualification, then I am definitely qualified!
If allowed to continue serving on the board, my first task will be supporting our teachers and students to allow them to keep improving the craft of teaching and learning. Next, I will have to ensure that we have a place for all of our students to learn that is warm, safe, dry, and educationally appropriate. Thirdly, I need to ensure that our district continues building strong relationships with the community.
I will continue the District's push to have a healthy dialogue with the community. We need to be great listeners, and we also need to help the public understand the task that our teachers and staff do every day. I will strive to be upfront about the challenges we are facing, and be open and excited about the successes we see as we strive to fulfill our district mission of "academic and social growth for each student every day." logo


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