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The Town Council is an elected body that enacts town legislation, holds hearings, and passes resolutions on matters involving town government. It is responsible for adopting the annual budget, adopting and amending the town code and broadly addressing issues of concern to the citizens. Salary for this position is $12,000 per year.


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    MICHAEL J MCGUIRE (Dem, Ind, Con, Grn, Ref, WEP) Town Assessor

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    NEIL E PORLIER (Dem, Ind, Con, Grn, Ref, WEP) Information Technology Manager

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Campaign Phone (518) 944-7126
Community Involvement My long history of public service has roots to my time as a Cub Scout. From an early age, I had a desire to help my community and serve others, this eventually lead to earning my Eagle Scout award in 2002. My passion towards serving others lead me to join the Peace Corps. Stationed in Belize, I spent three years working with small business owners to help strengthen and grow their businesses. I currently serve on the Town Planning Board and as a member of the Town Conservation Advisory Council.
Experience and Qualifications Following my graduation from SUNY Oneonta I joined the Peace Corps. I was stationed in Belize, Central America, for three years. I spent the first two years as a volunteer assigned to a local non-governmental organization, Plenty Belize. There I specialized in small business development among rural community members. During my third year I worked a Volunteer Leader. I trained new volunteers and developed volunteer work sites. Upon returning from the Peace Corps I worked for a few different employers including; AAA, NYS Department of Taxation and Finance, and Trustco Bank. During this period, I was working nights and weekends in Property Assessment. In 2014 I was appointed Assessor for the Town of Sand Lake and Assistant Assessor for Fort Ann in 2015. I continue to work in the assessment field.
Biography I have been a resident of Coeymans since 2011 and am a lifelong resident of Albany County. My wife Elizabeth, our young son Raymond, and I live on the same property that my family has owned and maintained for over fifty years. Since completing my Peace Corps service, I have worked in the Property Assessment field. I am currently the Assessor for the Town of Sand Lake and Assistant Assessor for the Town of Fort Ann. I am an avid sportsman and enjoy hunting with his father and brother, and making maple syrup with my friends and family.
Occupation and Special Skills I have worked in the Property Assessment field since returning from the Peace Corps, and am not the Town Assessor the for the Town of Sand Lake and the Assistant Assessor for the Town of Fort Ann. I am well versed in function and operation of municipal government. As a Town Assessor I am responsible for staff management, directing work flow, and departmental budgeting. I work closely with elected officials and residents to resolve any issues.
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As a Town Assessor, I am knowledgeable in most aspects of local government. My extensive knowledge on the interworking of local government will be a strong asset as a Town Board member. Every day I interact with most departments and my work intersects with other departments within the Town. As a Planning Board member, I have been able to address property use and development concerns of my neighbors. Throughout my time on the board I have expanded my local knowledge of planning issues within the Town.
I would like to keep the town on a strong financial footing by continuing to cut unnecessary spending. I love the outdoors and would like to reinvigorate and renovate our existing parks through fundraising and grant funding. Much of the Town lacks high speed internet. I plan to work on expanding access to all residents. Additionally, I would like to expand the existing farmers market and increase the access to local food within the town.
Campaign Phone (518) 756-2502
Community Involvement Volunteered at various organizations: Patroon Land Farm - Planting Vegetables Northeast Parent & Child Society - Painting and cleaning Regional Food Bank - Filling & sorting boxes Vale Cemetery - Raking and Cleaning Saratoga National Historical Society - Cleaning Saratoga National Cemetery - Raking and mulch spreading Picking up trash on Coons/Stanton road with my kids
Experience and Qualifications IT Manager at KeyBank - Manage staff of 25+ people, Work with Vendors on software delivery, Manage IT budget of staff, software & vendors
Biography Marine Corps Veteran - 1988 - 1994 Retired Army National Guard - 2005 Campbell University - 1990 - 1992 Father of four kids - Oldest child has special needs and legal guardian of youngest child
Occupation and Special Skills Information Technology - Production Support Manager at KeyBank: 1997 - Present
Website, facebook page or other links In process - Email:
As a father of four, a veteran and an IT manager, I feel like I've experienced many of the challenges people face these days. My oldest son has Down Syndrome, so I am familiar with raising a child with special needs. Our youngest daughter lost both her parents at a young age so I am familiar with the pain, tears and challenges that come with that experience. As a veteran, I've honorably served my country as a Marine and retired from the Army National Guard in 2005. In my current job, which I've held for 20 years, I've been in multiple technology roles and currently manage a team of 27 people spread across multiple locations and manage a budget that includes salaries, software and vendors. I feel being a parent and running a household on a budget, my volunteering throughout the community, my military experience and my current job responsibilities managing people and budgets makes me qualified to be on the town board.
I believe in quality of life initiatives to attract and to keep people living in the Town of Coeymans. I have traveled to many states and towns and have seen initiatives in action that attract large numbers of people. Things like Farmers Markets, Bike Paths, Playgrounds, Hiking trails, Festivals, etc bring people in to our town and with the right energy & vibe, we can show off our town and what it's like to work, live and play here. While we have some of these things in our town, I would like to set in motion plans to grow on what we already have!

I also believe strongly in fiscal responsibility. No quality of life initiatives can even be considered without a budget and strict fiscal management. Working with the current Town Supervisor, Phil Crandall, we can continue the proper financial path he has set the town on. logo


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