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Town of Bethelehem Justice

Town justices have jurisdiction in criminal and civil matters, and in special proceedings as conferred by law. They serve for a 4 year term and earn a salary of $50,457 per year
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    COLIN D DWYER (Rep, Con, Grn, Ref) Attorney/College Professor

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    ANDREW W KIRBY (Dem, Ind, WF) Town Justice/Trial Attorney

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If you are elected, what would you like to accomplish during your term in office?

Campaign Phone (518) 649-5149
Community Involvement I teach Legal Writing & Analysis at Siena College's Higher Education Opportunity Program to prepare incoming students. I am a volunteer at the Food Bank of Northeastern New York. I am a member of the Sierra Club and National Wildlife Federation.
Experience and Qualifications I have worked as an attorney at a private practice, Dwyer & Dwyer, established by my family decades ago. We have joined on of the region's most respected law firms, Cooper, Erving & Savage in 2016. I am admitted to practice in New York State and U.S. Northern District of New York, and have argued cases in the State Appellate Division, state Division of Human Rights and courts throughout New York State. I have been an Adjunct Professor of Business Law at Siena College since 2009.
Biography I was born and raised in Bethlehem and am committed to ensuring fairness, justice and quality of life for the town of Bethlehem. I learned the importance of our judicial system from my father, Paul Dwyer, who proudly served as our Town Justice for a decade.
Occupation and Special Skills I am an attorney and a college professor in business law and am constantly immersed in the law on a daily basis. I have handled every case, big or small, with competence, care, and compassion I have resolved thousands of criminal, traffic, civil, and matrimonial cases, strongly advocating for clients while upholding a high standard of justice.
Website, facebook page or other links On Facebook: Colin Dwyer For Bethlehem Town Justice
I have been practicing in the area of criminal, civil, and vehicle and traffic law my entire professional career. I have handled every type of case that this position demands and I am committed to the fair and equitable disposition of justice in the town that I was born and raised in, and am now raising a family in. I was blessed to be able to watch my father, former Bethlehem Town Justice Paul Dwyer, hold this prestigious office for 10 years and have learned from the phenomenal example he set. He was incredibly well respected in and out of the courtroom. I have handled cases throughout New York State and have done so with a high degree of competence and compassion for my clients while upholding the high standard of justice I plan to bring to this office.
I have seen how town courts in New York State are to be run and have witnesses first-hand how my father, Paul Dwyer, ran the courtroom in Bethlehem with incredibly efficiency while at the same time upholding a high standard of fairness and justice. I hope to emulate that example and continue that tradition. The people of Bethlehem are best served by an efficient court and an incredibly devoted and hard working judge who will place the interests of fairness and justice above all. I plan to bring that level of commitment to this esteemed office, and work closely with the police, the community, and all the residents of my hometown of Bethlehem to accomplish that goal.
Campaign Phone (518) 225-9920
Community Involvement Over the years I have volunteered in many of my children's various educational, sports and recreational activities, including Bethlehem Tomboy's, Bethlehem Lacrosse, Delmar Dolfins, and the Broadway Bound theater program. I teach the Junior Achievement program at my youngest daughter's elementary school. I am also a supporter of many charities including the JDRF and the American Heart Association.
Experience and Qualifications I have served as a Bethlehem Town Justice since 2014. Previously, I served as a Bethlehem Town Prosecutor for nearly nine years. Since 1992, I have practiced as a trial attorney in civil litigation. In 2001, my late partner and I started our own law firm, Conway & Kirby. Currently, I manage the firm and its staff of five attorneys and five support staff. Over my 24 year legal career, I successfully tried many cases and have won significant verdicts on behalf of my clients. I have argued appeals throughout New York State including at the Court of Appeals, New York's highest court.
Biography I attended the University of RIchmond from 1983-1987, graduating with a BA in History and Economics. After working two years at a large international law firm as a paralegal, I attended Pepperdine University School of Law, graduating in 1992. I worked as an associate at Roemer & Featherstonhaugh, and Featherstonhaugh, Conway, Wiley & Clyne. I became a partner at Conway & Kirby in 2001. My wife and I moved to Bethlehem in 1999. I served as a Bethlehem Town Prosecutor from 2004 until being elected as a Bethlehem Town Justice in January of 2014. We have three children ages 15, 13 and 9.
Occupation and Special Skills Oral and written trial advocacy, and law firm management.
Website, facebook page or other links
I have proudly served as a Bethlehem Town Justice since January 1, 2014. During that time, I have handled over 20,000 criminal, vehicle and traffic, and small claims cases. I also manage the court staff, ensure that all moneys collected by the Bethlehem Town Court are properly accounted for and remitted, and act as a co-department head with regard to budgetary, planning, personnel and other town government issues affecting the Bethlehem Town Court. In addition to my scheduled judicial duties, I am required to be on call 24 hours a day for two weeks each month, during which I am often called upon to conduct felony and misdemeanor arraignments, to hold preliminary hearings in felony matters, to review search warrant applications and to issue orders of protection in cases involving domestic violence.

I am also the owner and of Conway & Kirby, PLLC; a successful civil litigation law firm which recently re-located to Bethlehem. I have been a trial lawyer since 1992.
My goals as a Town Justice are simple; to apply and uphold our longstanding constitutional protections to each litigant, to provide an open and fair courtroom, and to ensure the safety and well-being of our community. In addition, I want to continue to educate and enforce traffic safety in our town, especially with regard to our young drivers. I want to continue to address the opiate crisis in our region with the goal of reducing criminal recidivism among those defendants suffering from drug addiction. logo


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