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Albany Chief Auditor

The Office of Audit and Control is charged by the City Charter with auditing every payment the City makes. It also has performance audit authority over every City office and is required to audit the City’s investments. The Office of Audit and Control annually audits approximately 20,000 invoices and writes an annual report on the results of that activity. At the same time, Audit and Control staff regularly produces performance audit reports and keeps the City administration informed of issues they identify in the process of their work.4 year term 2018-2021Chief Auditor $98,483 2017 salary
  • Glen Casey (Ind)

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    Susan Rizzo (Dem, WF) Appointed Chief City Auditor

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Campaign Phone (518) 921-9231
Community Involvement St. Francis of Assisi [formally St. James Church] Fundraising and Financial Committee Member
Experience and Qualifications Began career as a Project Cost Controller for Hotels under construction and advanced my career to a Vice President of Hotel Real Estate Investments. Currently the city of Albany's Chief Financial Manager for the Department of General Services.
Website, facebook page or other links Susan Rizzo for Albany Chief City Auditor
The role of the auditor’s office is to review all payments and expenditures for every city department to ensure they are in compliance with budgeted expenses in addition to reviewing city departments to guarantee they are fulfilling their obligations to city taxpayers in the most cost effective manner. Through this role the auditor can make recommendations to improve city revenue, department staffing and city services.

As the city of Albany’s Chief Financial Manager of the Department of General Services, I worked closely with the city auditor’s office. I have a deep understanding of the office and its role within city governance ensuring a smooth transition for voters and city government.

I have more than 20 years of experience in the private sector overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars in the real estate investments where I advanced from Project cost Controller to Vice President of Real Estate Investments due to my record of enhancing client income through financial audits.
If elected, I seek to enhance the city’s revenue opportunities by reviewing the city’s contracts with the Port and National Grid. I will eliminate inefficiencies between the various city departments and the auditor’s office, conduct a thorough review of overtime use and work with the council and mayor’s office to adjust the payroll schedule of city employees to move to a biweekly payroll schedule (this will have upfront costs but substantial savings over the long term and requires agreement between the mayor, the council, and the various unions representing city employees).

I was born and raised in the city of Albany. I left the private sector career and have decided to stay in Albany and serve the Albany community. logo


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