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City of Albany Common Council Ward 11

Ward 11The Common Council, the elected legislative body of the City, consists of 15 Council Members and a President. Established by the Dongan Charter on July 22, 1686, Albany’s Common Council convenes on the first and third Monday of every month to review and act on legislation and resolutions for the government of the City and the management of its business. The Council also holds public hearings to obtain citizens’ views and opinions on certain pieces of legislation.$20,314 2017 salary
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    Alfredo Balarin (Dem) Higer Education Professional

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    Judd Krasher (Ind) Council Member

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Campaign Phone (518) 209-6922
Community Involvement Alfredo has been an active member of the Beverwyck Neighborhood Association for over 8 years. He has served on the leadership team for almost 4 years and currently serves as President of the organization. He was a founding member of the Midtown Neighborhood Watch and has served consistently for the past 11 years. Alfredo purchased a foreclosed and neglected property and turned it into his home.
Experience and Qualifications Alfredo D. Balarin is a higher education professional. He was born in New York City to Peruvian immigrant parents, and despite many personal barriers he has been fortunate to have good people around him and has become a successful educator, author, community leader and entrepreneur. Alfredo has lived in the 11th Ward for over 16 years. He first came to Albany to attend college at the University at Albany. His first apartment was by the corner of Washington Avenue and Quail Street where he lived until he finished his graduate work at SUNY. After graduate school, Alfredo had an opportunity to work in the private sector, but chose to take his education and talents to a local not-for-profit. He believes that success comes from a combination of personal determination and self-sacrifice with a strong support system that allows you to reach your ambitions. Alfredo's commitment to youth development has been a part of his career from day one, and he continues to be an advocate for families within the Albany community. Alfredo purchased his first home in the neighborhood when he was 25. But it isn’t just his home; it is his family’s home. Every single member of his family has, at one point over the past 11 years, lived in their Albany home. It has been the launching point that they needed to move their life goals forward. And it still is today.
Throughout the years, Alfredo has worked together with neighbors that have a long history and respect for our neighborhood and city. They have not always agreed on everything, but have respected each other’s opinions and stayed focused on the task in front of them. When our neighborhood association was at a breaking point, he joined the leadership team that helped re-organize it. He was on the original team that organized the Midtown Neighborhood Watch program 11 years ago. These initiatives continue today due to his commitment and the buy-in and support of all the different entities that are part of those organizations. Alfredo believes one person cannot make sustainable changes alone; we need to be level-headed and focused when working cooperatively with others to address some of the real problems our neighborhood and city are facing.
Alfredo has heard the concerns of residents from every corner of our Ward and recorded your suggestions. Your thoughts and his 16 years as a resident have allowed him to create what he calls his “Blueprint for a Better 11th Ward,” a guide to tackling issues in our community. His priorities will be: -Public Safety - Home Ownership - Job Development - Keeping our Neighborhood clean - Affordable Housing - Youth Programs.
Campaign Phone (518) 364-5006
Community Involvement -Founder, Lower Central Avenue Neighborhood Association -Active in the Beverwyck and West End Neighborhood Associations -Volunteer work with the Pride Center of the Capital Region -Ward Leader, 11th Ward Democratic Committee
Experience and Qualifications Over a decade of experience in working in state and local government, with a strong emphasis on crafting public policy and community outreach.
I have the honor of serving the people of the 11th Ward on the Albany Common Council. In that time period, I have built a record of accomplishment, genuine independence, and tenacious advocacy for constituents. Some of my accomplishments and work in my first term include successfully rezoning the row houses on Manning Blvd., helping to ensure their historical integrity, passing legislation that required all meetings of public bodes in Albany to be recorded and made available to the public, passing legislation to reactivate the city's Living Wage Compliance Committee. I am leading the charge in bringing municipal internet to our city, repealing the discriminatory trash, and dramatically reforming the city's economic development systems in order to benefit every day residents. As the councilman for the most diverse ward in Albany, I have worked with a host of religious and community groups in order to learn and make positive changes for as many people as possible in the 11th.
While we all know that city government's financial situation is precarious, the financial situation of too many residents is even worse. We need to return to a Democratic Party and government that strengthens the working class and uplifts people out of poverty. There are many ways to accomplish these goals, but the emphasis must be on the creation of jobs, building of local prosperity, reducing the property tax and rent burdens, and providing for an equal distribution of city services. A significant portion of my plan includes reigning in the outrageous practice of corporate welfare in our city -- big dollar tax breaks to big dollar developers -- and move towards an economic development model that incentives growth at the grassroots. That kind of growth includes improvements to our housing stock (vacant buildings), attracting local business, and giving *everyone* a neighborhood to be proud to call home. For more information, I encourage everyone to follow me on Facebook or Twitter! logo


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