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School Committee, District 9

There are two candidates for School Committee in District 9.The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
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    Richard Baritz Retired

  • Tracey M. Bryant

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Biographical Information

Why are you seeking election to the Framingham School Committee?

Describe your qualifications for the position. If applicable, include some of your accomplishments from a prior school committee term.

What are the top 2 issues facing the Framingham Public Schools now and how would you address them if elected?

Several schools in Framingham are under-performing. How do you envision getting these schools up to par with other schools in Framingham?

Campaign Phone (508) 875-0534
Relevant Experience Town Meeting Member, Retired -> U.S. Treasury, MBA -> Bentley, BSBA -> Northeastern, Accounting
I am seeking election on the School Committee to help our children achieve in life by having a good solid basis in the Framingham public schools to build on no matter the direction they decide to move forward with. I believe that every child should have this foundation and it is inherent for the government to provide this basis for the entire school population with efficiency and sound financial management. For the new era in which the City of Framingham is entering, will have difficulties with this educational responsibility while managing the many other factors and the costs associated with running a city the size of Framingham. The reason I decided to seek election is to assure equal opportunity in our public schools for all the children in Framingham no matter where they live in the city. Also, my financial background, along with serving as a member of the Framingham Town Meeting will be a positive resource to the School Committee.
I have graduated Northeastern University with highest honors, earning a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, attending part time at night while working a full time job at the age of 44. I then attended Bentley College (now Bentley University) and graduated with a Master of Business Administration, also, attending part time at night while working a full time job at the age of 49. I continue to serve as a member of a Board of Trustees of a Condominium Association and as a Town Meeting member, serving over 10 years in each position. I have retired from my career as an Internal Revenue Agent, serving as an auditor, after 12 years of service. The reason that I am mentioning these facts concerning myself is to show my qualifications, and steadfastness. I will apply this determination to my duties as a School Committee member and would greatly appreciate your vote in the November election.
Not being on the School Committee at the present time, I do not know precisely what the top two issues are. If I were to name two, I believe that unfunded mandates would be one of the top issues and the strain on the educational system by the rising school enrollment would also be another top issue. Of course both of these issues as well as many others while solely not caused by financial resources, the financial circumstance does come into play. For the state unfunded mandates we should stress to the legislature that help is needed to fund these mandates and due to the new city form of government whereas our mayor will have a seat at the meetings the governor has with city mayors, unlike as a town there was no representative from Framingham at these meetings to stress Framingham’s needs. For enrollment, it might be designing schools to have the ability to have additions cost effectively added. Also, I believe my qualifications especially financially will be an attribute.
I believe that all our students should have a quality education. I will work with the other members of the school committee, get feedback from educators, amongst other avenues to determine the reason for this inequality. First a cause to a problem has to be determined before corrective measure(s) can be instituted. This will be a high priority for me and I would assume for all the members of the school committee.

I would like to mention that I have lived in Framingham as a homeowner since 1981 and my two children have gone through the public school system in Framingham.
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