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Councilor, District 7

The general election will be held on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
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    William Patrick Lynch Letter Carrier USPS

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    Margareth Basilio Shepard Small business owners

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What is your vision for Framingham?

What are the top two issues facing Framingham now and how would you address them if elected?

How will you ensure that your constituents are able to contact you with their concerns?

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Campaign Phone (508) 740-1417
Relevant Experience Union President 6 years. Current Steward and Treasurer, Dispute resolution trained
I would like to see Framingham become a place where people want to buy a home, and start families. Right now only half of the people who live in Framingham are homeowners. We need to stop building these ridiculous $700K houses that are only affordable to the wealthy, and make this a place for the younger generation to start a life. People who can actually afford to live here will stay here, spend money here, and want to be part of the community.
1) Bringing thousands of new people into town without thinking about the impacts on our infrastructure is a real problem. Between Avalon/Montage, the Mt. Wayte project, and the done deals downtown, we will be housing literally thousands more people within a few short years. The impacts on the school system, water and sewer, electric, trash, police, fire, and the carbon footprint are significant. We need to stop building for a minute. Step back, and take a look at what we have and what we need. Lets take care of the people who are already here, lets look at the needs of the people who are already here, and lets address the traffic that's already here. 2) Lack of community involvement. This is OUR city. These are OUR neighborhoods. We need a way to let our neighbors know what's going on, and what we have to offer. Framingham could offer the best of everything, but if we have no way of letting our neighborhoods know about what's out there, no one will come, and businesses will suffer.
If elected, I will set aside at least one day a month, at a specific place, at a specific time where anyone can walk in and talk to me. I want people to associate (for example) the 1st Wednesday night of every month at 7pm I will be at xxx place... This is in addition to making my phone number, email, and Facebook page available to anyone and everyone. I would much rather talk to someone face to face than over the Internet.
Diversity, diversity, diversity....You're going to hear this ALOT throughout the campaign. People will be saying how we need to bring the communities together, we need to work together, and we need to live together. And there is truth to that. But then what? People come together, agree on what their needs are, and then...? You then need someone to relay your message, to get that message to the people who can make a difference, and most importantly, you need someone to FIGHT for you. Let me fight for you. As a union President for 6 years, I'm no stranger to fighting for the people who don't or can't fight for themselves. I love a challenge. And, I'm VERY good at what I do. I've had extensive training on dispute resolution. I am confident that we can, for the first time, get things done in our community, and in our city.
Campaign Phone (508) 922-7358
Relevant Experience Town meeting member. Treasurer of the FDTC. Brazilians for Political Education Coordinator.
I envision a Framingham that is welcoming and safe, where community and government work together for better lives in our new city. A Framingham that supports our schools with sufficient funds to offer every child the best education possible. A Framingham that promotes affordable housing and home ownership for young families, where every household receives great public services. A Framingham that supports and promotes the arts and local artists.
Development and sustainable inclusive urban growth.

Responsible, and accountable use of City funds, while maintaining excellent public services.

The change to city structure brings new possibilities and great challenges. We all want to invigorate Framingham’s economy, but we also have the responsibility to keep Framingham a affordable, safe, and health place to live. We need to protect our environment, natural resources, and ways of life.

The major challenge of a District City Councilor is to represent the interested of their District and, at the same time, consider the city needs as a whole. I believe that the City Council mission is to be the bridge between the residents, the Mayor, and the city administration. As an elected official I will create communication channels, and hold district meetings giving everyone the opportunity to be heard, and to be part of the discussions and decisions on major issues.
The voters can access my campaign Facebook page @electmargarethshepard, contact me directly at 508-922-7358, or email me at And, of course, my doors are always open for a cup of coffee (or tea), and to chat about the issues that are important for our residents.
My campaign endorsements : Attorney general Maura Healey: " Since the election it's been exciting to see so many women and political newcomers across the state run for local office Margareth Shepard is a great example of this new energy. A tireless advocate for the Brazilian community, Margareth will bring that same level of passion and commitment to work for Framingham as a member of the city council. I admire the courage she has demonstrated in immigrating to this country, in serving as a Town Meeting member, in volunteering at the Good Samaritan center, BRACE brazilian American center, in growing the political awareness of the Brazilian community, and now running for elected office. I am happy to endorse her candidacy for City Council, district 7." State Representative Chris Walsh: "Margareth is a force in the community, she embodies the very best of the hopes and aspirations of both long time framingham residents and the immigrant communities with her tireless work and energy to make framingham a community we can all be proud to call home. Her voice on the City Council will assure us that framingham is a community that works for everyone." State Senator Jamie Eldridge: "I am proud to support Margareth shepard for Framingham city council, District 7. Margareth is a caring community leader, who has shown leadership on so many issues that are important to the people of framingham. I believe that she can provide fresh leadership as an elected official in the city of Framingham." logo


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