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Albany County Legislative District 38

The Albany County Legislature serves as the County’s legislative, appropriating, and policy-determining body. The Legislature, a unicameral body, is composed of 39 County legislators elected to four-year terms from single-member districts. Each district is apportioned by population and each legislator represents approximately 7,550 County residents. The current salary for this position is $22,187/year. THIS ELECTION IS TO FILL A VACANCY WITH TERM ENDING DECEMBER 31, 2019.
  • VICTORIA A PLOTSKY (Dem, Ind, WF) Attorney


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Campaign Phone (518) 495-1977
Community Involvement I currently participate in Parkinson's disease support groups and Hope Soars fundraising events for Parkinson's. I am past president of the Delmar Rotary Club and raised thousands of dollars for local charities as well as international initiatives for clean water and disaster relief. I was active with youth exchange and hosted a student from Brazil.
Experience and Qualifications I am an attorney with 22 years of experience. I supervise a group of attorneys around the state as well as a team of examiners and staff members. I interpret legislation, and have provided input in drafting legislation and regulations. I am working to implement the new initiative of paid family leave. I am able to review legislation while being attuned to its impact on multiple stakeholders.
Biography I grew up in Concord, Massachusetts and attended Middlebury College as a Soviet Studies major. After living in Moscow for 2 years and working for the British Embassy as a grants administrator, I returned to the US to attend Albany Law School. I graduated in 1995 from Albany Law School and worked in private firms for 4 years. My practice included real estate, wills and estate administration and commercial litigation. I joined New York State in the Insurance Department in 2000 and then the Workers Compensation Board in 2002. In 2007, I became the Associate Attorney for the Uninsured Employers Fund of the Board. I oversee litigation of workers compensation cases where employers possibly lacked insurance coverage. I strive to resolve cases as efficiently as possible for injured workers.
Occupation and Special Skills I have had special training in Lean methodologies, to streamline processes and focus on outcomes of value, while cutting unnecessary administrative tasks.
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I am adept at implementing legislation. I build consensus among team members when it comes to developing new processes. I an adept at supervision and working with people to bring out their best attributes. I have provided feedback for developing regulations and legislation. I teach continuing legal education courses in my areas of specialty, such as the Uninsured Employers Fund and workers compensation law concerning the livery industry. The livery industry is always changing, especially with the advent of ride-sharing services. I am adept at litigation at the Workers Compensation Board and experienced in drafting appeals to the Appellate Division and oral argument. I am comfortable speaking in front of any audience. I am fluent in Russian and I speak some Japanese. I led a Rotary group of young professionals for a month in Japan and gave speeches in English and Japanese to hundreds of audience members. I feel I am well qualified to represent my towns at the legislature.
I want to implement an independent redistricting commission to respectfully and appropriately redraw district lines so as to reduce the number of County Legislators. If done correctly, people can retain their voice at the legislature while the county can reduce the expenses of having a greatly overstaffed legislative body. Most importantly, our district lines would be drawn independently, without the influence of the legislators . I want to pass a ban on nepotism and cronyism for appointed positions in Albany County. We need to pass a polystyrene ban and move on to other environmental initiatives such as improved environmental requirements for new housing and reducing the carbon footprint of Albany County.
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