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Oxford Township Fiscal Officer

Salary: $20,796Term 4 years beginning 1-1-18Members: 1, Elect 1 per TownshipResponsibilities: The Fiscal Officer is responsible for revenue and paying the township bills and payrolls. He or she records the townships meeting and is the liaison between the county Fiscal Officer, the State of Ohio's auditor's office and the Board of Elections.
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    Shaunna Incropera Tafelski (NP) Assistant Treasurer, Talawanda School District

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1. The State of Ohio budget has reduced township income. How would you as the Fiscal Officer address this reduction?

2. In what ways should the Fiscal Officer assist the Township Trustees in prioritizing and dealing with the Township funding needs?

Education Purdue University- Bachelor of Science with a degree in Management Miami University- School Law University of Cincinnati- School Finance
Qualification/Experience I currently hold my Treasurer's License with the Ohio Department of Education, taking the necessary educational credits to renew this license every 5 years. I have been the Assistant Treasurer with theTalawanda School District for eleven years; assisting the team in managing the State and Federal Funds and keeping the District solvent while giving the children the education that they deserve.
It is very important to always be looking into the future with either a 5 or 10 year forecast. Using various simulations, either with current tax revenue and annualized expenses, or with the anticipated revenue deductions and an average consumer price index, we can visually see where the Township might be financially in the future. By utilizing this forecast, I can financially advise the Trustees on the yearly fiscal budget.
The first priority is always the safety and security of the Township community. In advising the Trustees on financial matters this is, and always will be, my first concern. Expenses not directly related to the safety and security of our community should be analyzed to see where cost savings can be had by either making short term cuts or by looking into shared services with City or County Departments. logo


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