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Board of Education (To Fill Vacancy For Two Years)

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    Sally Connolly (Rep) Speech-Language Pathologist

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    Christine Vitale (Dem) Management Professional/Financial Bookkeeper

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Why do you want to serve on the Board of Education? What special qualifications and experience will you bring to the office?

What do you believe should be the top three priorities of the School District over the next three to five years? explain your thinking.

I decided to run for the BOE in the midst of the most recent racial imbalance debate. As an involved McKinley parent and advocate, I believe that I have the inclusive personality, intuition, and persistence to solve problems and bring people together. If elected I will bring my experience as a mother, PTA/community volunteer, and speech pathologist (with prior school experience & with current senior/nursing home experience) to the BOE table.
1) Communicate more proactively & empathetically with Special Education families in order to improve effectiveness of SpEd services & minimize litigation 2) Analyze national career trends in a variety of sectors & adjust programming accordingly to facilitate student success post-graduation 3) Integrate more social-emotional education into students’ daily experience so that they will be better able to navigate an increasingly electronic society
Due the potential loss of funding, the Board of Education will need to make some very difficult decisions. As a past PTA President and SEPTA Board Member, I have worked with all stakeholders to help improve the quality of our schools; I don't want to see the progress that has been made lost. A vocal advocate for over a decade, I will bring a well informed and collaborative voice to the Board during what may be some very challenging times.
Our schools drive our property values and prepare our children for the future. The top priority of school district should be: implementing the District Improvement Plan to maintain rigorous learning environment, identifying new revenue generators and efficiencies to offset potential budget cuts, and recommit to a long range facilities plan. School District needs to focus on education first and then look to operate as efficiently as possible. logo


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