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Board of Finance (To fill Vacancy for Four Years)

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    Sheila Marmion (Dem) Occupational Therapist

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Why do you want to serve on the Board of Finance? What special qualifications and experience will you bring to the office? How will these assist you in providing solutions to the financial issues facing Fairfield?

Discuss three major financial issues facing the Town, and how you believe they should best be resolved.

I am running for the BOF because I am committed to fiscally-prudent decision-making that balances the delivery of quality services with affordability. I was appointed to the BOF more than a year ago; prior to this I was a Selectman on the BOS, and I served 5 years as a member of the RTM. This experience, combined with my professional background in marketing communications and as a community-based occupational therapist, provide a depth of knowledge and perspective on the key issues we face as a town. I am committed to continuing to make informed decisions that deliver value to our residents.
1) The State budget crisis: The lack of a State budget makes short and long-term planning challenging and difficult. In light of this uncertainty, we must maintain our Triple AAA rating and invest prudently in our reserve funds, while continuing to adequately fund our town services and schools. 2) Grow revenue: We need to continue to grow our grand list and drive revenue to reduce the burden on the taxpayer while assuring the health and vibrancy of the town. 3) Innovate: We need to continue to innovate as we access and embrace new approaches, scrutinize expenses and share resources. logo


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