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Town of Hempstead Council District 1

Council District 3
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    Alfred J. Cittadino (REP, CON) Retired New York City Stage Hand

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    Dorothy L. Goosby (DEM, WFP, WEP) Senior Councilwoman Town of Hempstead

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What viable tactical steps are you proposing that would attract people to your city/town and keep current residents from leaving Long Island for other states?

What specifically will you do to increase the availability of low income/middle class housing, rental as well as ownership, in order to keep our young people from leaving and to attract other young people to our communities.

Since we are seeing the effects of climate change in the form of serious hurricanes and other weather events here and elsewhere in the country, what will you do to strengthen the infrastructure of our towns and cities to deal with the aftermath of such events?

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City/Town of Residence Baldwin, New York
Prior Civic Service Marine Core
My strategy for attracting people to our town is to lower commercial renter's fees because stable businesses are the key to the prosperity of any town. If we lower the cost for business to operate in Baldwin than we can effectively tax them (without putting them out of business). This will take some of the burden off of home owners, and increasing the standard of living. This will encourage people not only to move to Baldwin, but also to keep our current residence from moving out.
I plan to fight for lower taxes for our residence and our business owners because the cost of living and operating in our neigborhood is so high. If we succeed in this than the people of Baldwin will be content to remain here, and others will see Baldwin as a more attractive town for to move to.
In the event of another Hurricane or other devastating event not only do i plan on raising money for relief efforts i will personally contribute with my many years of construction and engineering experience.
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Campaign Phone (516) 889-1178
City/Town of Residence Town of Hempstead
Prior Civic Service 17 years as Councilwoman Town of Hempstead
I work hard to increase the appeal of staying in our suburban communities by keeping taxes lower with the best possible services. I promote legislation to maintain safe, walkable, attractive downtowns, near public transportation. Affordable housing is key to attracting millennials and older residents in our communities. In a 2014 New York Times article, millennials are drawn to the dense population of urban settings, but cannot afford the high rents or cost of buying homes in the city. We can entice home buyers and renters with more space for a lower cost. I encourage my constituents to participate in the Town of Hempstead seminars for first time homebuyers. Even though the Town of Hempstead does not set the property tax assessment, I provide information and direct people to tax exemption programs that they may be eligible for, such as Senior Citizens, Veterans, Disability/Limited Income, STAR, Home Improvement and/or Volunteer Firefighters and Ambulance Personnel exemptions.
One of the issues facing suburban communities is the older age that people begin families. Studies show that until people have children they prefer to move to densely populated urban settings. We can attract our young people by increasing availability of affordable housing near good transportation. I work closely with every application for development to make sure that guidelines are met to keep a percent of new rental apartments as affordable or set aside for seniors.
Federal rules are very clear in terms of construction guidelines to keep our infrastructure, homes and buildings safe. I, as part of the town board, review every application for construction to make sure that there is appropriate infrastructure to support development. That includes physical infrastructure such as sewers, water lines, and roads, and services such as police, fire, and schools, to allow the community to function optimally. logo


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