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Nassau County Comptroller

  • Laurence S. Hirsh (GRE) ACCOUNTANT

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    Steven L. Labriola (REP, CON, TRP, REF) Chief Compliance Officer, Management & Budget

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    Jack E. Schnirman (DEM, WFP, WEP) Long Beach City Manager

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How would improve your job as fiscal watchdog of county finances?

What have you done and what do you plan to do about the abuse and waste of government money?

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Campaign Phone (516) 448-7498
City/Town of Residence NORTH WOODMERE
Conduct a complete reexamination and audit of all County contracts. Push for legislation to ban political contributions from all county contractors, and potential contract bidders.
Conduct a complete reexamination and audit of all County contracts. Push for legislation to ban political contributions from all county contractors, and potential contract bidders
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Campaign Phone (516) 972-5066
City/Town of Residence Massapequa, NY
Prior Civic Service Nassau County Chief Deputy Comptroller; Town Clerk; New York State Assemblyman,12th A.D.
Nassau County needs an experienced Comptroller that works to protect your wallet, and advocate for the reforms needed to fix our County’s finances. As the former Chief Deputy Comptroller, I have that experience.The audit and accounting department is fundamental to ensuring the proper expenditure of taxpayer dollars and is usually the first check against abuse, fraud and corruption.When elected, I will immediately enhance accountability, strengthen transparency, and root out corruption through a simple three-point plan. First, I will create a Whistle-Blower Hotline where employees and citizens can anonymously leave tips via voice or text messaging.We will create a smart app for that. Second, I will double the number of audits conducted each year ensuring that any organization receiving taxpayer dollars is held accountable for how it’s spent.Third, I will create an Anti-Fraud Unit with forensic accountants and investigators.They will be my A-Team to protect the taxpayers.
As Town Clerk I instituted strong financial controls and separated financial duties among employees to protect the taxpayers. I modernized & computerized operations.I trained staff and moved the department away from cash transactions through the use of credit cards and modern cash registers. As Nassau County’s Chief Deputy Comptroller. I managed a staff of more than 80 employees in the Accounting, Audit, Claims and Payroll departments and referred several matters for criminal investigation.When elected, I will create a specialized Anti-Fraud Unit to prevent corruption by developing a "vendor-rating and experience database and an improved contract review process to ensure taxpayers are protected and services are provided in strict adherence to contract terms; with a clear goal to prevent shady contractors from doing business with the County. My pledge to our residents is simple: Nobody will rip-off the taxpayers on my watch. Visit for more of my reforms & proposals
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Campaign Phone (920) 680-9610
City/Town of Residence Long Beach
Prior Civic Service Chief Deputy Supervisor Town of Brookhaven
Nassau County has a corruption problem and this costs taxpayers money. As Nassau County Comptroller I will end the culture of corruption to save taxpayers money and make sure we invest in the services that we all care about. The first point in my plan is to open up and modernize the county's finances so that everyone knows exactly where the county is and where it is going. The second point of my plan is to do independent audits to ask tough questions. I will be an independent watchdog to make sure that the county operates efficiently and saves taxpayer dollars. The third point of the plan is to clean up and reform the county contracting system. Right now it takes too long for non-profits and contractors to get paid and there is too little oversight. We need to reform the contracting system to get Nassau's finances back on track. The last point in the plan is to involve the public. If you report it, we'll reform it. This is the best way to make sure taxpayers get the best deal.
When I took office in Long Beach in 2012, the City was on the brink of bankruptcy due to an inherited fiscal crisis. We got to work right away, implementing a strict and responsible long-term fiscal recovery plan which has resulted in nine consecutive positive credit actions from Moody's along with multiple bond upgrades. While we still face financial challenges, our positive outlook from Moody's is a critical indicator of the hard-earned progress we continue to make. In a leadership role, you cannot be afraid to make the hard choices, and that's what we did in Long Beach. We made significant reductions in spending, developed and grew new revenue streams, negotiated labor concessions, and right-sized our work force. I have repeatedly made clear a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to employee misconduct, firing several individuals who were violating the public trust. In Nassau, I will remain committed to rooting out corruption wherever it may be. logo


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