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    Carl R. Gerrato (DEM, WFP, WEP) Nassau County Correction Officer

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    Vincent T. Muscarella (REP, CON, IND, TRP, REF) Attorney/County Legislator

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Every candidate in every Nassau County election for decades says something like: “We must reform the unjust property tax system to provide businesses and homeowners with a transparent, fair and clear assessment program going forward.” And it never happens. Other than repeating the above, what is your specific plan for fixing this system that continues a debt burden for Nassau County.

Integrity, honesty, trustworthiness are all qualities we expect from our politicians, yet Nassau County has had several elected officials that have faced criminal charges. What specifically will you do to implement accountability, transparency, checks and balances, and proper oversight? What concrete steps will you take to re-build the public’s trust?

Having the financial resources to live in Nassau County is becoming increasingly difficult. What strategic plans do you have on the county level to support and partner with the various municipalities to create more affordable housing for young adults, working families and seniors?

Redistricting and gerrymandering affect the choice of candidates that voters elect to represent them. What are your views for setting up an independent redistricting commission for Nassau County for the drawing of lines after the 2020 census? If you agree with setting up an independent redistricting commission, how would you make it a reality in Nassau County? If you are not for an independent redistricting commission, why not?

The most important thing to do with the Tax Assessments is to hire a qualified Assessor who performs home assessments every 3 years. Additionally, I would propose to eliminate Legislator mailers, which come off as political messaging at the expense of the taxpayer, and instead use that money to notify every homeowner in the county of their rights regarding their tax assessment appeal options.
I think the most important thing the Legislature can do is to install an Anti-Corruption Officer in the county. The job of this impartial and independent official will be to make sure vendors, contractors, and elected officials are all held accountable to the tax payers. I pledge to take no political contributions from vendors and contractors. I will take that one step further and proactively advance legislation that would ban contributions from individuals and the immediate relatives of individuals who own, sit on boards, or hold upper management positions of companies who do business with the County.
Direct involvement such as housing vouchers don't help a majority of Nassau County residents, so while those programs are needed for our less fortunate neighbors, we need to indirectly address housing affordability as well. One of the most important things a legislator can do is to make Nassau County more friendly to businesses who bring sustainable employment to the region. In a county as large as Nassau, it's a shame we have no Fortune 500 companies to employ our residents. We need to modernize our transportation system, including buses, trains, and even expand ride sharing programs. These are just a couple of ways we can address affordable housing.
I support independent redistricting 100%. Local government should be more about people than it is about politics. All one needs to do is look at some of the County Legislative Districts. Much of the gerrymandering is done to fit as many democrats or republicans into one district so elections are not competitive. That disenfranchises all people from having a real choice. I will always be for people over politics, and I strongly advocate for independent redistricting.
1. More rapid resolution of pending tax certiorari cases 2. Lobby State Lawmakers to address the unfair County Guaranty 3. Explore shifting the tax assessing body to local governments
The Majority in the County Legislature has already enacted the following:

1.Barred convicted felons from holding County Office 2. Hired an independent Commissioner of Investigations & Procurement to oversee County Contracts 3. Increased oversight and review of the County contracting process
Transit Oriented Development Tax incentives for Senior Citizen and Workforce Housing Bio-tech development at the HUB Keep Real Property Taxes low
The US Supreme Court has held that redistricting is a political act. As such, I believe that, within the confines of the Federal Voting Rights Act, it is best left to the Legislature to negotiate and pass. I am distrustful of "independent commissions" that are unresponsive to the general public. logo


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