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    Donald Sagliano (Rep) Vice President & CFO Certified Pulic Accountant

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1. What can the County do to create employment opportunities for County Residents?

2. What can the County do to promote growth in the agriculture sector?

3. Now that the County has taken over the City of Poughkeepsie Bus system, what can be done to address the concerns of the residents for whom access has been reduced?

4. Dutchess County is struggling to find ways of coping with the growing opioid epidemic: how can we improve the effectiveness of current practice? Or, are there any alternative strategies that you feel would be worth considering?

5. How best can the County address the problem that inmate populations exceed the ability of the jail system to adequately house and support them?

6. Cities and towns in Dutchess County have seen a decline in the tax base, while infrastructure ages, and needs repair or replacing. How can the County address this?

7. What needs to be done to improve quality of and access to Mental Health resources for Dutchess County residents?

8. In 2015, 1 in 10 Dutchess County residents was receiving services from DCFS. What can the County do in order to improve upon what Family Services provides for those who rely on these services?

9. Should the County encourage development of alternative energy sources, and if so, what might be the most effective strategies?

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Campaign Phone (845) 527-6699
Party Enrollment/Designations Republican, Independent & Conservative
Age 55
Experience County Legislator 2014 to present Pleasant Valley Town Board 2006 to 2013 Pleasant Valley ZBA 2003 to 2006 Arnoff Moving & Storage 1994 to present Dutchess County Water and Wastewater Authority NYS Certified Public Accountant
Education BBA - Accounting, Siena College AAS - Accounting, Rockland Community College
the county has made significant investments in Economic Development, including Agriculture the Arts and Tourism in the 2017 Budget there in $1.7 Million dollars to support this. By keeping the county tax rate low, this has made Dutchess more welcoming to allowing Business to expand and grow the Think Dutchess Alliance is available to assist Business to expand and grow here

in a unique way we now have an Agriculture navigator to enhance the Agri- Business activities and growth
Continue to protect open space and save farmland from development In 2017, over $650,000 was committed through the county’s Partnership for Manageable Growth to preserve agricultural lands. We are one of only 2 Counties in New York that have an Ag Navigator . The Ag Navigator is the first point of contact for people seeking information about Agriculture in Dutchess County and also serves as an advocate for current farmers .

The County has a strong Agriculture and Farmland Protection Board . The board oversees the Agricultural Districts as well as helping to vet the applicants for the Purchase of Development Rights Program

the County continues to help fund the Dutchess Cornell Cooperative Extension
Dutchess County has expanded its bus service within the City of Poughkeepsie to compensate for the City’s decision to end its bus service. City routes are currently up and running, The County will continue to meet with community stakeholders and solicit citizen input to continue to craft routes that best serve city residents and address potential areas of concern. Soliciting ongoing feedback will continue to be a priority.

recently the County established a Special Needs Transportation Task Force today. The new task force was created by the County Legislature at its July board meeting with the goal of communicating with and making access to transportation easier for those living with special needs. The task force will include members of the public as well as members of Dutchess County Government, including the Deputy Commissioner for Special Needs.
This is not only a local issue, it is regional, state and national crisis

I will to continue to support the new Stabilization Center and make sure it has the resources needed. the Stabilization Center serves as a location that can treat immediate concern or incidence of those addicted, diverting people from jail or costly hospital visits and helping to plan long term treatment and/or therapy going forward.

Make sure first responders and law enforcement officials are trained in Crisis Intervention. Increase the education on the epidemic across the county. Support and Enhance opioid addiction treatment programs. Expand participation in the Drug Task Force. make it easier for more prescription/medication take back participation at pharmacies.
The Justice and Transition Center project approved in March 2016, will provide for adequate facilities to house the county’s inmates, keeping them close to their families and legal counsel while giving them access to evidence based programs while incarcerated to cut down on recidivism.

The county will save over $5. Million dollars annually once we no longer need to house inmates in other county’s facilities. Continue to invest and expand in Dutchess County’s proven alternatives to incarceration programs that divert low risk offenders from stays in the jail.

Continue investment in mental health services and encourage diversion, such as through the new Stabilization Center that can treat people who otherwise may find themselves in jail.
We continue to work to keep the tax burden low on county residents. The 2017 budget represented the third consecutive decrease in the property tax levy as well as a reduction in the property tax rate.

The county has set up a Taxpayer Protection Fund, utilizing some of the county’s fund balance to offset any need for property tax increases. The county continues to invest in the county’s infrastructure, the 2017 budget included $15.25 million for repairs to the county’s roads, bridges and culverts. Continued investment in key growth industries to spur economic development, such as tourism and agriculture. as identified in question 1. improvements in the Hudson Valley Regional Airport, through grant funded projects such as improving the terminal building, fire safety upgrades, and adding a new water line connection will create the potential for new economic development.

The New Justice and Transition Center will make more programs more widely available to inmates as they will be here as opposed to housed in other county’s facilities. Continued support of the Stabilization Center, which provides mental health assessments and links to providers. 2017 budget includes investment in Mental Health First Aid training. We must continue to focus on mental health and remove the stigma, public outreach and education continues at the county level with forums.

As this is a State mandated program the county will continue to server and residents who are in need of these service
Yes absolutley, the county has promoted alternative energy and we will continue such efforts.

In 2017, the legislature unanimously passed a resolution calling in the county to greatly reduce the use of fossil fuels in the county. The legislature just approved the purchase of four Nissan Leaf electric cars to be added to the county fleet, including the addition of four charging stations that will be available for public use. The legislature this August passed a resolution that would exempt solar energy and solar equipment from the county’s sales tax protion. logo


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