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Charlotte City Council District 2

Charlotte has a council-manager form of government with a mayor and 11 council members elected every two years in November, and a professional city manager to run the day-to-day operations. The mayor and four council members are elected at-large by a city-wide vote. Seven council members are elected from districts by voters who reside in each district.The Charlotte City Council responsibilities are: Police, Fire, Water and Sewer services for the entire County; Garbage, Transportation, Infrastructure, Zoning, Land Use, Planning and Economic Development for the City of Charlotte.
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    Pete Givens (Rep) Sales

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    Justin Harlow (Dem) Dentist

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What is your experience, including your 3 most important political/civic accomplishments in the last 5 years?

What is your district's most pressing issue and what steps will you take in response to it?

The city has committed to adding 5,000 units of affordable housing in the next 3 years. What are your long term plans for adequate affordable housing?

As Charlotte keeps growing, what components of the city infrastructure most need attention? How would you address it?

How should the City support the Opportunity Task Force recommendations?

What plans do you have to improve public safety in Charlotte, beyond extra police officers?

What’s your position on subpoena power for the Citizen Review Board for police discipline that received complaints about police conduct? Why?

How can the City of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County and Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools improve their support of each other?

What should Charlotte be doing to attract new jobs, particularly for young people?

Position/philosophy statement Conservative Republican Candidate
Current occupation Encapsulite Internationa, Inc. National Sales Manager US, Canada and Mexico
Age 56
Campaign Phone (980) 428-4002
Campaign email
Civic work Hosting at "Rooms in the Inn" over night with homeless of Charlotte. And International missions trip to Guatemala
In District-2 The most common issue I hear is that we feel it is left behind all the rest of Charlotte in many ways. On the web site district-2 ranks last or next to last in all statistics recorded. Crime is a major concern in district-2.
With rent cost increasing up to 35% in last five years and more than 50% of population now considered renters and not owners. It is a tough question to say you have the answer to affordable housing.
With a population that doubled in 20 years we are way behind in infrastructure and with the projected growth over next 20 years a detailed approach and plan must be acted upon quickly.
Action, We already know the things that to be done after two years of study by this task force it is time for action.
Public safety I believe starts in our homes our streets and neighborhoods. We have to take responsibility in addressing crime before it starts. I stand firmly behind our police chief Kerr Putney and all the women and men that put on that uniform and wear the badge. Our council must stand behind them with full support.
I am in favor of a Citizen Review Board for police discipline and I support empowering the board to subpoena in needed cases it only will help matters to be able to fully complete their task.
First I feel our school system is too large to manage effectively. the evidence speaks for its self. The County operates the schools.
i believe over past several years the banking industry has done great in attracting young people to Charlotte for careers. As well as the the airline industry. We have the infrastructure of a International Airport / Hub, two major interstates and loop rail cargo facility and near the coastal ports
Position/philosophy statement You'll miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
Current occupation Dentist/Owner of Harlow Dental at Steele Creek
Age 29
Campaign Phone (704) 258-8951
Campaign email
Twitter @DrJustinHarlow
President - Biddleville Smallwood Community Organization. Founder/Vice Chair - Five Points Community Collaborative, Member of West End Advisory Committee for Charlotte Center City Partners.
Displacement due to gentrification is the most pressing issue. Senior citizens and people of color are being pushed out due to rising property taxes. We need special tax districts or tax abatement programs to help our fixed and lower income communities stay where they are.
We should use our existing city-owned land as a means to encourage building of affordable units. If developers desire to build on publicly owned land, it allows the city to leverage that to help achieve its affordable housing goals. We cannot demand inclusionary zones by law, but we can control what is built on our own land
Our large corridors need the most work. These streets like Beatties Ford, West Blvd and Central Avenue are only 2 lane streets that now see diverted congestion from the interstates and larger state roads. We need to have public investment into widening and repairing these road to ensure they are safe and usable for the future growth of Charlotte.
We need a strong city workforce training program, coupled with strong investment in our schools and social services that help stabilize families. I will help bring universal Pre-K for our youth. Only by connecting our urban, growing population to these resources can we help uproot many from poverty.
Reducing crime requires a multifaceted approach from all of our local governing bodies, the public, and CMPD. I'd lobby for more investment in community based approaches to policing; things like more bicycle beats on larger corridors and walking beats in neighborhoods. Interactions away from a police car and blue lights can help build trust and reduce escalation of minor events.
I support subpeona power for the CRB. Our community needs transparency and belief in a system that is supposed to protect us all. We shouldn't have to police the police, but in these times, I support the call for more police conduct reviews.
The Council, County Commission and School Board have worked in silos on all issues. Social services, health, housing, education crime and jobs are not mutually exclusive. They need at least bi-annual meetings as a joint group to create a joint initiatives to support real solutions to our problems. We need our local governing bodies to be unified and consistent in solving our crime issues together.
Charlotte needs larger investment in its entrepreneurial and start up spaces. Young people bring so much innovation and talent to this city, but we must do better to support their small business spirit with capital grants and loans that help them create new jobs and future industries for our city. logo


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