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    Gerry Alessi (Rep) President Alessi Equipment Inc.

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    Mark Corcoran (Dem) CPA

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    Steven Levy (Dem) attorney

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    Thomas Noonan (Rep) Attorney

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Why do you want to serve on the Town Planning & Zoning Commission? What special qualifications and experience will you bring to the office?

Discuss two Town Planning & Zoning issues that you believe should be priorities for our town

I am the current Vice Chairman of the Commission, a position I take very seriously. There have been difficult zoning decisions over the last few years, many of which have been public and controversial and there are many more to come that face our town and I have the experience and knowledge to take them on. I have worked in the construction industry for over 30 years in regards to commercial and residential development. I have lived in Fairfield for over 20 years along with my wife Jenny and my 2 daughters, Gabrielle and Nina, both of whom are graduates of Fairfield Warde High School.
One major problem the Town of Fairfield faces is an 830-G application. Here a developer can bypass the towns zoning regulations and create tremendous density that is not permitted under our current regulations. A second problem we are facing, not only as a Commissioner but as a resident for over 20 years is the traffic in this town. In addition to my duties as Vice Chairman of the Fairfield Plan and Zoning Commission, I have just become a volunteer member of the Black Rock Turnpike Traffic Study Commission to tackle this exact problem.
After four years serving on TP&Z, I seek re-election. I am a CPA who has lived in Fairfield since 2000, and have completed the UConn P&Z Commissioner training. My main P&Z interest is in assuring that the character of residential neighborhoods is maintained in the face of ever-expanding development.
The number one issue for P&Z is to create a plan for the future of Fairfield. The town will change because of changing demographics, financial pressures and environmental concerns - and the town needs to take control of what those changes look like. I favor encouraging vibrant shopping, dining, residential and transportation centers that serve expanding populations of seniors and singles, while maintaining our family neighborhoods, quality schools and property values. Second, the town & TP&Z must take control of the state mandated affordable housing process.
I have been a resident of Fairfield for 37 years. Having seen significant change of the town I bring a unique perspective to the table – appreciation of the historical character of our community and observation of how it has been altered. I bring that insight with me when called upon to evaluate regulation of development in our town. I also have forty years’ experience as a trial attorney along with ten years practice and training as a mediator. That skill set should serve me well in evaluating proposals and presentations and then reaching consensus among the commission members
1. I believe that our community needs to be designed to both expand the grand list and support a “healthier and more physically active population”. We need, through enlightened zoning and subdivision rules and regulations, to make our town a more livable one where people can bike, walk and enjoy downtown and rural settings, while supporting a vibrant business community. 2. The TPZ and its staff need to work proactively with 8-30g developers to accommodate legitimate town health and safety interests while allowing affordable housing and promoting diversity throughout the town.
I am running to continue my service and work on the Town Planning & Zoning Commission. I bring several years of previous experience as a sitting commissioner and former alternate commissioner with an eye to both detail and overall strategy arising from my experience as an attorney. I believe that my current experience with the TPZ, my experience as an attorney (graduated from Boston College Law School, and my education background (accounting and philosophy double major at The University of Scranton) provides unique qualifications and enhances my value to the TPZ.
I believe two predominant issues in our town are responsible business development and responsible, higher density housing. Sound business development increases the value of Fairfield and should be cultivated, but it should not threaten the surrounding residences nor the residential appeal that Fairfield citizens rightfully expect. Higher density housing also provides value to Fairfield, but the projects should be responsible and based on common sense; and for Section 8-30g projects, they should be fairly judged according to state law. Both areas of development would also add to the tax base logo


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